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No description

Matt Baker

on 8 January 2018

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Transcript of 2000s

- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Blank Sheet

- I can analyze the 2000s

Table of Contents
Page: 2000s

If you had to describe the history that you have lived through in one word, what would it be? Why?
- Terrorist attacks in NYC
- Over 2,500 Americans killed
- Shocked the world
War on Terrorism
- Al Qaeda blamed for the attacks
- George W. Bush launched 2 wars
- Afghanistan
- Iraq
- Government crackdown on terrorist activity around the world
Security v. Freedom
Is it more important to have freedom & privacy or to be safe & secure?
Patriot Act
- Passed to make it easier for government to catch terrorists
- Allowed gov't to wiretap, check internet use, and search without a warrant
- Passed by Bush, continued by Obama
Barack Obama (2008-2016)
- First black president
- George W. Bush extremely unpopular
- Promised to end the wars and fix the economy
Obama Positives
- Gay Rights improved
- Healthcare reform
- Cuba relations improved
- Economy improved
- Inspirational leader
- Ended both wars
Obama Negatives
- Bailouts of failing/corrupt industries
- Drone strikes throughout Middle East
- Used Executive Orders to bypass Congress
2000s Collage
Using the magazines, create a collage that best represents the 2000s

It should have images that best represent the 2000s.

On the back, explain why you chose those images and how they represent the 2000s.
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