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Why We Crave Horror Films?

By Sarujan Pathmaranjan

ragave sathiyaseelan

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Why We Crave Horror Films?

Horror films allow each individual to become the killer and illustrate various methods and outcomes every monster within the story will demonstrate throughout the plotline.
"New York University neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux has mapped out neuron by neuron on how the brain's fear system works." (Fink, 2009)
" While we may not be able to hear infrasound, it has been demonstrated to induce anxiety, extreme sorrow, heart palpitations and shivering." (Stewart,2013)
As Above So Below
- This was not a typical horror scene filled with ghosts and zombies, but the idea of being trapped with each of the actors was the effect that the directors and screenwriters aimed for in this film

- "an emotion derived from both deep-seeded evolutionary factors".
Examples of Point 1 :
- Each individual feels what they hear
Examples of Point 2 :
Horror films help engage with the excitement and thrill that is streaming through our veins as the audience views a horrific scene before them.
"Eduardo Andrade, a professor of marketing at the University of California suggests learning to detach yourself from the film’s events." (Rivas, 2013)

- films are acted out, and that all of the blood, guts, and gore are only special effects

"One of the main hormones released during scary and thrilling activities is dopamine, and it turns out some individuals may get more of a kick " (Ringo, 2013)
Another main component that makes us horror lovers explore and hunt down each amazing slashers, sickening horrific movie out there are the themes
- flavors to the actions; grows the story and makes it interesting like demonic themes

The production of these films can help analyze the actions demonstrated from the characters in the movie.
Example of Point 3 :
“yes! I did it! I made it all the way through!”
- it can be a real self-esteem boost
- can
grab our innocence
as we
count every dreading second
till the sun rises up and a new day begins.
-The idea of monsters and demons
ruins the mind
and psychologically
opens conflicts
within each individual.

Stephen King
a well-known director and author
enhanced this world to one of mankind's cravings for horror, but it has also allowed many of us to revisit our inner demons.
in his article, observing another one's action can either make us replicate either the same or make opposite decisions
" Because it keeps them from getting out... It keeps them down there and me up here".
self-confidence rise up when they realize that compared to the actors, they are in a position where they have no terrible and possibly life threatening decisions
That feeling of security and reassurance, since they are not the ones making those mistakes
This perception piques the viewers’ interest, sometimes to the extent where they are feeling boastful of their position

Why we crave horror films? - Stephen King
Thank You
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