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Knights and Knighthood

Knights had many rules of how to act. These rules were called the code of Chivalry. Their job was to protect the weak, and the poor, serve Lords, and God chosen ladies. Their reward for this was land, and the income was needed to buy weapons.

Emily Boyles

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Knights and Knighthood

Knights and Their Code of Chivalry

The Code of Chivalry wasa set of rules that told knights who to live and act. Training

Most of the future knights started training at the age of seven and were usually knighted at the age of twenty one. Rewards

Knights rewards were not only praise and satisfaction but land and their income had to be used to buy weapons such as swords,knifes etc. Freetime

Knights often weren't allowed to marry bacause many Lords believed it would destract the knights and make them weak so many had no family, and they didn't have tv or video games back then. So they would often help train for combat and upcoming battles. Weapons

Knights almost always had a weapon with them. Often weapons would depend on if you served a Lord or God chosen lady escpecially sheilds.
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