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Ser = to be vs Estar = to be

No description

Karla Munoz

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Ser = to be vs Estar = to be

Ser = to be vs Estar = to be
The verb ser
Let conjugate it!
The verb estar
Lets conjugate it!
When to use ser
Use ser to:
talk about what a person or thing is (profession, religion, etc)
what person or thing is like (physical description)
where a person or thing is from ( Key word "DE= from")
what a thing is made of
to whom something belongs to (es the word de)
to tell or ask time

when to use estar
to tell
how a person is at the moment
how you feel (triste, cansado, feliz, aburrido, contento,entusiasmado, nervioso, ocupado, tranquilo)
where a person or thing is located (en= in)
Let's try it!
Afredo y Juan ____________ (son/están) chicos talentosos.
Ellos __________ (son/están) miebros de la banda de la escuela.
Los chicos _________ (son/están) en la casa.
Juan, tú ________ (eres/estás) nervioso.

How you feel and where you are, always use the verb estar!
Let's Kahoot!
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