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Frindle by Andrew Clements

No description

Stephanie Katz

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Frindle by Andrew Clements

Andrew Clements, the author of the book Frindle, lives in Massachusetts. He is married to a woman named Rebecca and they have four adult children. Mr. Clements was born in 1949 in Camden, New Jersey. He lived in New Jersey until sixth grade when he moved to Illinois where he spent most of his teenage years and went to college. While living in Illinois he married Rebecca and they then moved to New York City where he worked as a song writer and for a publishing company. He began writing Frindle in 1990 and it was published in 1996. He has been a successful full time writer since Frindle was published.
Author Biography
The story of Frindle takes place during Nick Allen's fifth grade in Lincoln Elementary School. Nick is not happy about the reputation of his new teacher, Mrs. Granger, who is rumored to give lots of homework. He decides to try and trick Mrs. Granger into running out of time in class to assign homework by asking some questions about how words are added to the dictionary. Mrs. Granger knows what Nick is trying to do and she turns the table on him. Instead of answering his question she assigns him a report for the following day in class where he has to answer the question himself. Nick does the report the next day and at the end of the report something Mrs. Granger said about how Nick himself makes words official in the dictionary gives Nick the idea of making up his own word for pen. Instead of using the word pen, Nick invents the word Frindle. Nick and some of his friends take an oath to use the word frindle instead of pen and soon the idea spreads to the rest of the students in the school. Mrs. Granger is not happy about all the students using frindle instead of pen and as a punishment she begins keeping students after school.
The book,
, takes place at Lincoln Elementary School in Westfield, New Hampshire.
Primary Characters

Nick is a fifth grade student who is very smart and likes to question how and why things are done the way they are. He is not afraid to challenge authority when he believes he is right.

Mrs. Granger is Nick's Language Arts teacher. Mrs. Granger is also very smart and she loves words and her dictionaries. She has been a teacher at Lincoln Elementary School for a very long time and has a reputation for being very strict and having high standards.

Book Report
By Stephanie Katz
On "
Written By

Andrew Clements, Author.

Secondary Characters
The secondary characters in the book

Nick's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
Nick's older brother, James.
The school principal, Mrs. Chatham.
Nick's third grade teacher, Miss Deaver.
Nick's fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Avery.
Nicks friends: Janet Fisk, Dave, Pete, and Chris.
Bud Lawrence, business man who licensed the word Frindle.
Mrs. Freed, school secretary.
Judy Morgan, reporter for Westfield Gazette.
Alice Lunderson, reporter for CBS TV.

Plot Continued - Page 2
So many students are being kept after school that bus schedules become disrupted and parents begin complaining. The principal of the school meets with Nick and his parents to try and get what is happening to stop. Nick's parents are supportive of Nick and at that point the idea has spread too much for Nick to stop it even if he tried. The idea is so popular that a business man creates real pens that he calls frindles. Soon the story of what is happening at the school is covered by a local newspaper. After the story was published in the local paper it is picked up by a national news station and the new word starts to be used everywhere around the country. Nick becomes a celebrity and appears on television shows. As the popularity of the new word spreads the business man who was selling the frindle pens develops other products for sale and makes a deal with Nick's father to deposit Nicks share of the profits into a trust fund for Nick.
Plot Continued - Page 3
Soon all the excitement in his town over frindle dies down and Nick graduates from fifth grade. Nick became a bit depressed over how much his ideas created problems and he no longer wanted to share them. Despite Mrs. Granger being angry about the word Nick invented on the last day of class Mrs. Granger tells Nick that she expects great things from him in the future. Mrs. Granger's talk with Nick helped him to get over his depression and become his old self. Ten years later when he turned twenty one Nick got his trust fund money and discovered he is very rich from the selling of frindle products. He gives money to his family and buys himself a new computer and bike. He then decides to concentrate on his studies and forget about the money. During his first year of college he receives a package from Mrs. Granger. In the package was a new 8th edition of a Webster's college dictionary and the letter that she told Nick in fifth grade he could have when the disagreement they were having was settled.
Plot Continued - Page 4
In the letter Mrs. Granger admits that she knew the new word would eventually be added to the dictionary and that even though she was a bit angry in the beginning she was on his side the whole time. She told Nick she decided to play the bad guy to help Nick's new word become popular. On the dictionary was a little note that told Nick to turn to page 541. When Nick went to page 541 he found that frindle had been added to the dictionary. At that time Mrs. Granger was still teaching at Lincoln Elementary School but she was getting ready to retire. Around Christmas Mrs. Granger got a letter from the superintendent of schools congratulating her on the million dollar scholarship that had been set up in her name. She thought the letter was mistaken, but she didn't realize it was Nick that created the scholarship in her name to pay her back for her help making frindle a new word and for making Nick very rich. In the end they both won.
Character Analysis
of Mrs. Granger
Mrs. Granger is very much in love with dictionaries and words. She is fascinated by how words develop and she is very strict when it comes to teaching her students new vocabulary words. In the beginning of the book she and Nick seem to be in a battle over the use of the word Nick created. She is angry that the students are using the word and punishes students for using frindle instead of pen. Mrs. Granger's is seen as the bad guy and her anger over the new word and her punishment for using it helps to make the use of the word even more popular and gets the story in the news. Years later when Nick is in college Mrs. Granger admits in a letter to him that she was angry in the beginning, but then she realized she couldn't fight the new word from being used and instead decided to see it as an opportunity to make her lessons have meaning to her students. She changes from being against the idea and angry about it to wanting to help the idea grow by pretending to be the bad guy. In the end she shows that what she really cares most about is her students learning and being successful even if it means she is unpopular.
I would recommend this book. I think it shows that it is important to question why and how things are they way they are. It teaches how words develop and are added to dictionaries. It explains how words are just an agreement between people about what the word is supposed to represent. It gives an example of how things can change when people decide they are going to do things differently and that change is not a bad thing. I enjoyed reading the book and thought it was a good story.
The book, Frindle, written by Andrew Clements
Andrew Clements, website: www.andrewclements.com
The primary characters in the book
are Nick Allen and Mrs. Granger.
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