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Causes of the American Revolution

American Government

Matt Basinger

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of Causes of the American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution
French and Indian War
Acts of Parliament
British Military
But now what? What's the new government going to look like?
British and Colonists teamed up to defeat the French
Americans thought they won the war for the British
British thought that the Americans hurt them more than they helped
Different opinions led to British taxes to try to make the Americans contribute
Proclamation Act
Stamp Act
Quartering Act
Townsend Duties
Intolerable Acts
Britain received land from France
Act stated that the Americans couldn't have it
Forced Americans to house British soldiers
Punished Boston for the Tea Party
Ended self-rule in MA
Placed taxes on documents.
Caused Riots
Placed taxes on random things like tea
Important: taxation and no representation
Native Attacks
Boston Massacre
Many Americans tried to get revenge on Natives from the French and Indian War
British left troops in the Colonies to "protect" the colonists
First battles of the American Revolution.
Started when the British tried to take away the right to bear arms
British army stayed in cities to make people pay unfair taxes
Bostonians pelted British soldiers with ice, rocks, and feces
British soldiers fired on Bostonians
Trial takes place in Britain
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