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Wassily Kandinsky

Abstract Artist

Maddie LaSota

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Wassily Kandinsky

WASSILY KANDINSKY 1866-1896 Wassily Kandisky was born is RUSSIA!!! Wassily's Family owned a tea farm when they moved to Odessa. Wassily Kandinsky had so much that persuaded his mind to go into art. He visited Florence, Venice, and Rome just as a little boy which inspired his thoughts to turn to the artist's speculation. But this took him 30 years to figure out. Wassily was know as the "Father" of abstract art. " The more frightening the world becomes ... the more art becomes abstract."
-Wassily Kandinsky Before abstract art movement, there was
the impressionism art movement which
surely inspired some of
Wassily's works. He definitely embraced
the world of abstract
artand has inspired
people with their works. Citation
www Russia in the 1870s+ was a fast growing country industrially and populationwise. Moscow was a very populated area and an industrious city. Wassily most likely lived a very busy life with others around constantly. Wassily lived in a slightly above normal class family. His father was a businessman taking advantage of the fast growing industry. Wassily married his cousin...
INCEST! O.O But they luckily went
through a divorce 11 years later :) Wassily had original plans to become a lawyer so he went to a law school and graduated before becoming a teacher. He had a very succesful job but after visiting an impressionist art exhibition, he had a dream to become a painter. He quit his job as a law professor and joined a private school of painting and later became known for his great abstract works. MOSCOW, RUSSIA ODESSA, RUSSIA The Gallery Take a gander :) Thirty Several Circles
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