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Certification Wizard

ACF's Culinary Certification Program (general information)

Alina Cooper

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Certification Wizard

How do I get started?
Relevant culinary work history must be within the last 10 years.
Work Experience
Sous Chef
Chef de Cuisine
Executive Chef
Based on your work experience & educational background
you can determine your certification level.
Depending on your educational path:
High School/GED
Some College/Higher Education
Associates Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Educational Background
If you
have not
taken these courses. We can assist you in finding a suitable course provider.
If you
have taken
these courses they must be current, no more than five years old.
If they are older than 5 years, an 8-hour refresher course is required (per topic).
Your years of industry experience including job requirements/duties will help you determine the right certification level for you.
Submit Initial Certification Application
Diplomas, transcripts, certificates of completion (including date, course title and hours)
3 Mandatory courses in Food Safety and Sanitation, Nutrition, and Supervisory Management:
30-hour course documentation
Refreshers if applicable
$50.00 non refundable pre-approval application fee, submitted with the initial application.
Employment documentation form(s) or letters from past or present employers on company letterhead attesting to your employment, job title, duties and number of employees managed, if applicable
Proof of Experience:
Complete initial application and include all the necessary documentation.
Educational Requirements
You are required to take and/or show that you have taken the three 30-hour courses in: Nutrition, Food Safety and Sanitation, and Supervisory Management.
You may or may not have to show additional course work or hours (continuing education hours or CEH), it will depend on your transcripts or school records.
Demonstrate your culinary skills, knowledge and competencies through the written exam and practical exam.
Certification Examinations
Written Exam
Practical Exam
Tests are held at Comira site. There are over 500 testing centers nationwide.
Fee is $75.
Exam scores are valid for two years.
100 multiple choice questions
Each exam has recommended reading material and a practice test bank available for purchase.
Exams site are available throughout the country.
Fee is $50 for ACF members and $100 for non-members
Your will be evaluated on your Safety and Sanitation Skills, Organization Skills, Craftsmanship Skills and Finished Product Skills.
Exam scored are valid for one year
Each exam has a candidate manual with specific requirements. It is recommended you practice, practice, practice.
After successfully passing both written and practical exam submit passing forms with your final application and fee.
Submit Final Application
Once certification is approved your certificate and certification letter will be mailed to you.

Recertification is required every five years (except for CC® and CPC® which are required to recertify every three years).
We encourage you to start studying, practicing and preparing now for your examinations.
Once you are pre-approved, you are then ready for testing.
ACF Certification
Two Step Application Process
Pastry Culinarian
Working Pastry Chef
Executive Pastry Chef
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