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Social Media for CAP 220

Prepared for GVSU CAP 220 Class.

Derek DeVries

on 22 November 2011

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Transcript of Social Media for CAP 220

[Prepared for GVSU CAP 220] I can haz Social Media? What is
Social Media? How Are Things
Changing? What Are
The Tools? 1. Real-Time

2. Individualized

3. 2-Way Mass Comm. Tipping Point: 2009

social media (67%) used

more than email (65%)

- Neilson Flattening
Earth Used by
AGES Familiar Comm.
Tools - Now Built
On Networking
Foundation Categories
Social Media Mobile
Networking Social
News / Comment Blogs Content/
Sharing Micro-
Blogs Social
Networking YouTube, Flickr,

Photobucket, etc. Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, MySpace / Facebook Status, etc. Foursquare, Scvngr, Gowalla, Yelp, Facebook Places, etc. Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger, Facebook "Notes", etc. MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc. About Social
Media Platforms
[3 Things] 1. Each Platform Has a Personality 3. Platforms Change - Good Comm. Doesn't [They're just tools, after all] [There's no "right" way to use them] Many Different Platforms for Many Different Purposes [Important to finding/communicating w/ audience] Effects:
[3 Things] 1.

Democracy 2.

Meritocracy 3.

Authentocracy [Radical Transparency] [Scarcity to Abundance] How to Sign Up Now What? 1. Audit
2. Monitor
3. Participate 1. Search / Audit 2. Track 3. Participate HUB Facebook Tumblr Google
Profile YouTube Linkedin Twitter Steps: (1) Determine Your Strategy (2) Get some head shots [or some other photo content] (3) find your name / brand yourself (4) add content to your Profiles [ie your "spokes"] (5) Create your "hub" [get domain / pick landing] (6) Tie everything together [thru miracle of RSS ] (7) Publish Stuff worth looking at engage your audience Consider Your Audience What kind of job? What kind of industry? What kind of location / culture? https://plus.google.com/games/732228588626 http://bit.ly/qnrloE [Privacy? *lol*] [Longevity] [Think "Cold Case"] Blog Twitter Pics Fbook Landing Page Content Strategy Searches / Algorithmic Recommendations Blog Twitter Pics Fbook Landing Page Blog Twitter Pics Fbook Landing Page Bigger = Better How to do a Tweet Chat Step 1 Be on Twitter twitter.com/signup Step 2 Find a Tweet Chat you're Interested in http://bit.ly/chatlist Step 3 Log on at the appointed time and search for the hashtag (ie #journchat, #pr20chat, #prstudchat) Step 5 Watch for the questions from the moderator ("Q1") Step 6 Respond by prefacing your tweet w/ A + the number and including the hashtag Step 7 Reply to others, RT other people and follow people you find interesting Helpful Hint: Creating Twitter lists for the tweetchat hashtags you follow and placing people you encouter in these lists can help you better keep track of everyone you meet Step 4 Introduce yourself briefly (make sure to include the moderator name and hashtag http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Why-Americans-Use-Social-Media/Main-report.aspx Why do we use SM?
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