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Fear the Fang

No description

James Clark

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of Fear the Fang

Emily Anderson
James Clark
Riley Poynter
Miranda Tuck

What can be accomplished
in forever?
Who can
resist such
What do the animals think?
What motivator
is stronger
than hunger?
Driven by physical need
Seduction of potential victims
Begins creation of fear through non-physical means
What is fear?
Why are vampires the scariest?
Can't help other victims
Unable to protect yourself
Fear in the back of your mind
Who's really in control?
Ever present
Why is it so
hard to control
Why are we
so comfortable
with them?
Combination of physical and mental
Know when individuals are most vulnerable
Target the emotional side of humans
"The core of my being, that secret place where all desires and all commandments are nurtured, opened to him without a stuggle or a sound."

-Anne Rice
"The Master of Rampling Gate"
Look just like humans
Connection to murder/rape
Vampire mask: scariest
Constant state of distrust
What are their superhuman qualities?
Create fear that isn't always immediate
Often indistinguishable
Deceptive sense of comfort
Could you
Adaption of psychological manipulation
Caused by technological advances
Use seduction along with physical ability
Physical Fear
How do vampires
cause fear?
1. Physically
2. Psychologically
Psychological Fear
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