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Geometry Scrapbook

No description

Josh Senst

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Geometry Scrapbook

GEOMETRY SCRAPBOOK Dominic Cheek Josh Senst The Pentagon a polygon is a Decagon if and only if it is a polygon with 10 sides a polygon is an octagon if and only if it is a polygon with 8 sides an example of parallel lines in every day use is latitude lines on a world map, the funtion of these lines is to tell you many degrees away from the equator you are. I think we can all guess how the Pentagon relates to geometry. It's a pentagon! Airplane wings have to be congruent, or the airplane could flip over or something. if it's a dodecahedron, then it is a 12 sided figure made of congruent pentagons. The Function of these perpindicular lines is to show the boundary lines in Tennis if it's a cube, then it is a 6 sided figure made of squares. if it's a tetrahedron, then it is a 4 sided figure made of congruent triangles.
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