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No description

Emily Burke

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Professionalism

Why Do People Act Unprofessionally in an interview?
Getting too Comfortable
Not Honest Enough
People just don't know better
Why do people act unprofessionally?
How do you display Professionalism?
How do you display Professionalism as a state of mind?
By: Emily Burke, Alyssa Rueda, Erika Lopez, Keyla Gallares, and Erik Palomo
positive attitude
Own up to your mistakes
Watch your language
Act mature and behave like a professional
How do you display Professionalism as a state of mind?
Positive Attitude
Act Mature
Always use your manners
Behave like professionals so you are believed to be professional
Own up to your mistakes
How You Speak
Always Fight Fair
Don't let yourself lose control of the situation
When arguing calmly explain your opinion

How do you display Professionalism?
You display professionalism by treating everyone with respect.
Make being on time a priority, and dress appropriately.
Admit your mistakes when you make them.
Smile, put your best face forward
Don't be like him
Don't lie
Acting arrogant
Acting above other employees
An apathetic attitude (little, no interest or concern)
Letting nerves take over
Not putting time and effort
Looking Unprofessional
Acting desperate
Being too forthcoming or not honest enough
Swearing, and cursing has no place at work
To be professional you dont need to use big words you just need to use the right words
To conclude
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