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dvv international - Georgia Office 2013

No description

George Jikia

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of dvv international - Georgia Office 2013

dvv international
Georgia Country Office

San Francisco
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
dvv international Georgia – Project Office Tbilisi
dvv international has launched its activities in South Caucasus within framework of a regional project. In 2002 have been established representative office of Georgia.

In 2005 dvv international has established its independent branches in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

2011 regional office moved in Georgia, uniting countries of: Armenia, Azerbajan, Georgia and Turkey
dvv international Georgia office, in order to popularize Adult Education and its access to the society, engaged in establishment of the Adult Education Centers, which are built on the models of German institutions - Folk High Schools
2005-2008: Samtskhe-Javakheti project(EU funding).
Goal: integration of national minorities through informal education.
Result: 2 Adult Education Centers in Akhaltsikhe and Akhalkalaki.
2009-11: 4 Community Education Centers
Samegrelo region: Jvari and Senaki Community Education Centers
Kvermo Kartli - Koda and Shaumiani Community Education Centers
2012 Leliani Community Education Center (BMZ)
Current Activities and Main Directions:

• Adjustment of curricula according to the needs of local labor markets and international standards
• Designing up-to-date teaching material according to the modern methods and content
• Designing pilot courses in adult education
• Promoting further education among indigent population groups
• Technical and organizational assistance to institutions of Adult Education
• Publishing literature related to Adult Education
• Promoting regional co-operation between the Transcaucasia countries.
dvv international is a German non governmental organization which operates nationally and internationally.
It has been Cooperating for 40 Years with state, civil society and university partner organizations engaged in adult education in nearly all parts of the world
Akhalkalaki Adult Education Centre
Akhaltsikhe Adult Education Centre
Koda Community Education Centre
Shaumiani Community Education Centre
Senaki Community Education Centre
Jvari Community Education Centre
Leliani Adult Education Centre
From the very beginning of dvv international mission in Caucasus the popularization of the idea of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning has been one of its most important tasks in Georgia and other countries in the region. For this purposes dvv launched it's new project together with one of the faimous Radio Broadcaster "Everything About Adult Education" program, which provides valuable information and recommendations from the field of further education.
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