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Communication Skills

No description

Melody Cruz

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Communication Skills

Communication Skills
Nonverbal/Verbal Communication Skills
The exchange of information, thoughts,ideas, and feelings.
Body Language
Body Posture
How you stand or you sit can determine the type of communication that is going on
The individual w
Eye Contact
When sitting you should be relaxed and not constantly looking at the door being desperate to leave
Facial Expression
Always keep good eye contact with the patient, not like starng or anything
Maybe people from other cultures (Ex: people who wear hijabs) might find it a bit rude to stare, or give off too much eye contact
This shows the importance of how to approach the individuals you are caring for
A lot can give off by our facial expressions even when we might not even recognize it
Rolling your eyes, yawning, frowning, can be things that we don't even mean to do that can come off as being offensive, which results to patients/clients not wanting to talk to us
That is why we need to be aware of our facial expressions and learn how to control them
Very important mean of communication
Lightly touching can show concern and affection for them
But just like eye contact
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