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SOPP & Title IX Prezi

This Prezi gives us an overview of the SOPP/Title IX report process.

Lauren Ouwerkerk

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of SOPP & Title IX Prezi

The Sexual Offense Prevention Policy & Title IX Process
An Overview of the Report Process
An SOPP Violation Occurs
A length of time passes
The person wants to report the violation
The person (Complainant) shares with a trusted person (RA, Professor, RLC)
A person choose to not report
Nothing further happens
Fill out the
SOPP/Title IX Report Form
in detail
Report goes to
Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Coordinator
reaches out to Complainant & Respondent with support and resources
Title IX Coordinator
(or their designee) opens an investigation file.
Title IX Coordinator (or their designee) conducts an investigation.
An investigation report is made and shared with Complainant and Respondent.
If sanctions are due, Community Standards Board will hold a formal hearing.
The Complainant and Title IX Coordinator collaboratively develop remedies.
The Complainant may always change their mind and pursue a Formal complaint.
A party may appeal within 48 hours of the decision.
Alerts and educates the Community, may warrant a response.
Title IX Coordinator reviews complainant and considers options
The Complainant does not want to participate in an investigation
The investigation may end and may be restarted at any point in the next 7 years.
All Final Reports are locked away and kept independent of academic files.
Informal Process
Anonymous & Third-Party Processes
Formal Process
Title IX Coordinator
reaches out to Complainant & Respondent with support and resources
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