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anthropology of globalization u20104

No description

Jason Danely

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of anthropology of globalization u20104

Globalization- U20104
J. Danely
Yes and no.
Haven't we always been 'global'?
Yes and no.
Is 'globalization' just 'western cultural imperialism?
Yes! (and no)
Globalization is about freedom, agency, mobility, and community right?
A lot! Globalization is about "large scale processes... and how subjects respond to these processes in culturally specific ways." (Inda and Rosaldo, p.7)
So what does anthropology offer the study of globalization?
Globalization is characterized “complex, overlapping disjunctive order, which cannot any longer be understood in terms of existing center-periphery models” (Appadurai 1990, p.296)
Key ideas:
* global cultural flows
* time-space compression
* deterritorialization
Consumers (of goods, ideas, styles, etc.) are not passive, flows are decentered
* glocal
* cultural hybridization
* commodity chains
"interconnections and black holes" Inda and Rosaldo p.34
New forms of investment and capital flows consolidate wealth, power, privilege, forming new liminal areas and zones of abandonment
* citizenship
* human rights
"low-end globalization" Mathews 2007
displaced people and humanitarian aid
global health
communication technologies
virtual communities
reshaping of indigenous identities
food cultures
popular music and arts

and much much more!
Global Pharmaceutical Trials

* Who do these benefit?
* What are the potential pitfalls?
* What might an anthropology of globalization add to this sort of discussion?
CRO market size is $10billion and growing (2005)
40% of trials are in emerging markets (GSK 50+%)
20K new trials started annually (WHO guess!)
"We don't see patients, we see data." - infrastructures and system-wide changes to risk management

Does "nature" create global connections?

"the challenge of cultural analysis is to address both the spreading interconnectedness and the locatedness of culture"
the globalism of our exercise meant that our list was charged by emotions, quests, and voices originating from many sites, each buffeting us with their whiffs of pleasure, charisma, terror, dead authority, or charm.
"Contingent lineages" conjunctures of historical trajectories where the local and global can be experienced and remade
Some things anthropologists study
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