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Beijing - Megacities

No description

Amy Woodcock

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Beijing - Megacities

Beijing - Megacities
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Beijing has long been a city in China, and its history stretches over approx. 3,000 years. After the Mao era, Beijing began directing more of its time, effort and resources to the building of new infrastructure and the expansion of the city. This happened in 1980-1981. In 1981 Beijing began expanding the city, sticking to a blueprint of concentric expanding roads. With this expansion, 40% of the population would live in the centre and the rest would form the outer rings and nearby communities. It was founded near the ocean, which meant that they were able to get supplies with more ease.
As of 2016 Beijing's population was 21.5 million over an area of 16,808km^2. It had a population of 10.2 million in 2000 and is predicted to have a population of 27 million in 2030. The growth shown between 2000 and 2016 is a slow growth but speeds up between 2016 and 2030.
A few major problems faced in Beijing because of the large population is the lack of space and the heavy pollution. Many people who visit and/or live in Beijing complain of the heavy pollution, and many wear face masks to prevent them from breathing it in.
Population and Growth
Beijing is attractive to many people because of how steeped in history and full of monuments. Much of Beijing's residents are foreigners which will stay in the city for only a few years. This is a main point with them. The culture is also very strong there, and full of intensity. Many people live here for more mundane reasons as-well, such as lower bills, shorter commutes and more opportunities.
What Makes Beijing Attractive
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