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My Journey into Michigan

LIke it?

Sebastian Abbo

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of My Journey into Michigan

My Journey into Michigan
Ambassador Bridge
fort Mackinac/Island-was found duiring american Revelation
Soo locks-the goverment took control in the 1870s
Frankinmuth-3 squre miles
ford field-capability 65,000
Mackinac Bridge
Tourist Attractions
32 miles long
the current speed is 1-3 feet per second
contains 21 islands
over 5000000 people live in the river's watershed
Natural Resources
water-in lakes
copper-in U.P.
salt- in U.P.
fish- in lakes
the Michigan regions are split into upper peninsula and lower peninsula
The Upper peninsula is rich in natural resources
the lower peninsula connects to canada

State Parks
elk lake-the shore line is 25.8 miles
grand lake-594 feet above ground level
cass lake-123 feet deep
crystal lake-237754847.33 gallons
Alpena lighthouse-also known as thunder bay lighthouse
Bever lighthouse-southern tip of bever island
white fish point lighthouse-south of lake suepeerior
big sable lighthouse-it was constructed in the Ludington north break water light in down town
always open
connecting U.S.A. to canada
visitors must clear custom and proper identification
completed on nonmember in the year 1927
Mackinac Island
18.84 square miles
the population is 443
automobiles got banned 1848
is in lake huron
manitou island
in lake Michigan
reflection of the wild life and natural flora
does not have variety of mamals
7 3/4 miles by 4 1/4miles and 20 miles of shortline
population is 133996
capital of Michigan
36.68 square miles
potter park zoo is in lansing
lansing is in Ingham county
Detroit river
the 5th longest suspension bridge in the world
26,372 feet long(5 miles)
width of roadway is 54 feet
200 feet above water level
142.9 square miles
population is 701475
Detroit is most populous in michigan
has the most registered bowlers in the United States
D.I.A.-was found in 1885
hands on museums-over 4.5 billion people visited since 1982
Michigan science center-supports MEAP test achievements
Henry ford museum-the limo kennedy rode when he was shot
Traverse City
population is a little more than 15000
2.3 visitors a year
cherry captor of the world
the name traverse came from french
lake Huron- 850 cubic miles
lake Michigan- about 1000000 years old
lake Ontario- 52.82 miles wide
lake Superior- 31700 square miles
lake Erie
Great Lakes
Inland Lakes
did you know?
You can hunt for deer in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. In fact there are special hunts on North Manitou Island to help manage the size of the deer herd on the island.

grand Heaven state park-is all beach sand
Tahquamenon falls state park-drains 50,000 gallons a second
Holland state park-in Ottawa county
Hayes state-is one square mile
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