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The 5 Industries of Tourism


moyo ahmed

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The 5 Industries of Tourism

Careers in the Tourism Industry ENJOY :) By Moyo and Nadia TRANSPORTATION Transportation:
The action of moving someone or something or the process of being transported. TAXI DRIVER Taxi Drivers pick up passengers and takes them to their destination. A taxi driver is required to lift wheelchairs, assist people with their luggage and has to keep his or her car clean at all times and has to know to do basic repairs on cars. TRAVEL SERVICES Enjoy Travel services:
Private retailer or public service that provides tourism Where Do They Work?
Pilots work for airlines, the military, flying schools, tour companies, government organizations, private companies, and charter companies. Some are self-employed. Salary:
$30,000 to $200,000 a year or more
(depends on the type and size of the plane they fly) Work:
A Pilot's job is to operate the flying controls of an aircraft and monitor the Training and Education:
Education, training, and licensing requirements for professional pilots depend on the type of work they are doing. The job requires at least a high school diploma and the appropriate pilot’s license and endorsements. And obviously, the first step to becoming a pilot is learning how to fly a plane! A concierge is an hotel employees whose job is to assist guests Concierge Recreation:
Activity done for enjoyment RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment:
Providing tourists with amusement and/or enjoyment. Travel Agent
Travel agents are hired by people to get facts on a place to visit and how much it would cost and
the available dates, means of transportation,
They also book plane tickets or train tickets and make hotel reservations and give details on attractions, and health possible risks WHERE CAN THEY WORK ?
Travel Agents can work in many different places. They can work in Travel agencies, Tour companies ,Hotel chains or they could be self employed TRAINING AND EDUCATION :
High school diploma but its easier to get the job
with a diploma and certificate in travel and tourism which takes about 6 months to 2 years , you could also get a bachelor's degree which is 4 years. SALARY:
Most travel agents get paid about $18,000 to $50,000 a year. If they are a managers or business owners they may earn $85,000 a year or more.
How much they get paid varies their experience, sales ability, and employer. The Food and Beverage industry specializes on the making of food and delivery of it. FOOD AND BEVERAGE Bartender Bartenders take customers orders and they mix and serve drinks they also check for identification and part of their is to make sure customers don’t drink too much and try to drive home they also
calculate customers bills, also take payment, and make change and check inventory and order needed supplies WORK: WHERE DO THEY WORK ?
Bartenders can work in bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, airports, and concert halls. TRAINING AND EDUCATION: Bartenders must be at least legal drinking age they should go for training or bartenders courses. A post-secondary courses education would get you to higher heights in the business. SALARY : They get paid minimum wage to $15 an hour and they also get tips in addition to their wages. the amount they get paid varies on their experience , where they work and their employer. WAITER/ WAITRESS A waiter/ waitresses job is to seat the guest ,take orders and submit it to the kitchen , explain the menu , serve food and drinks collect money from the diners and clear the table Pilot ACCOMODATION Hotel Manager The hotel manger oversees the hotel departments and they organize and supervise hotel staff , they also
Interact with guests and handle complaints
and they monitor the hotel’s financial performance and try to make it better. Housekeeper housekeepers are responsible for keeping the hotels rooms clean. They make the bed , clean the bathrooms, vacum and had more towels. Tour guide Tour guides take tourists to attractions such as art galleries and national parks they also explain points of interest and answering questions about places. Chef There are three types of chefs
*Executive chefs buy the needed supplies, manage budgets, and hire and also fire staff
* The Sous-chefs plan menus, and train and supervise the kitchen staff
*Station chefs prepare specialty items, like desserts, soups, or salads
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