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30-60-90 Day Senior Account Executive Business Plan

No description

Oscar Del Real

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of 30-60-90 Day Senior Account Executive Business Plan

30-60-90 Day Senior Account Executive Business Plan
Plan Details (cont.)
Identify business objectives, core competencies, processes and procedures.
Familiarizing myself with current plans and work flow communications leveraging the office/teams.
Ensure knowledge of products and services.
Secure knowledge of service and product line to a point of complete confidence in representing them and completely understanding administrative functions and procedures including company protocol.
Meet with business sales teams and explore the daily regiment of what is the most effective time management to properly ensure success and partnership.
Research and recognize who is the competition and begin to determine their strength and weaknesses.
Days 1 - 30 Details
Meet with Sales Manager, Sales Team, etc. to establish expectations, review forecasts and pipelines, weekly and bi -weekly requirements and processes.
Utilize information to understand process flow, critical requirements and opportunities.
As quickly as possible learn and build our team approach within my new territory, send out introductory letters and information to all accounts in the territory (if applicable).
Determine size and scope of territory configurations, begin to develop a prospecting plan.
Immediately build on my existing relationships and contacts, ask them to commit to using me again in my new sales position.
Complete all specified company sales, product and procedure training courses/schedules, constantly increase my knowledge of the latest product developments that are available in the market place.
Submit weekly progress report s to Sales Manager for review.
Days 31 - 60 Details
Manage the first 30 days of change and review the past month's performance, ensure all plans for the first 30 days are completed.
Report on progress for the prior 30 day period.
Follow up with other Team Members to address immediate needs to establish a level of trust, communication and sense of strong teamwork.
Continue to fine tune product knowledge, activity standards and operations.
Research and join/become involved with any professional or trade associations that will help me promote specific products.
Evaluate current training materials for continued growth in areas of product knowledge, pricing strategies, actions and account analysis studies.
Prepare a pre-call analysis on each sales call opportunity to pinpoint customer needs.
Meet key influential decision makers within the region and leverage “third party” vendors for leads.
Begin to understand all organizational functions within accounts to better understand my accounts logistical purchasing processes.
Bi-weekly (or more) communication with my manager.
Oscar Del Real
October 29, 2013

The purpose of this plan is to clearly identify and communicate the program's objectives, process and goals in order to deliver superior sales results.
Plan Details
Day 1 - 30 Details (cont.)
Meet with members of the Sales Team to get to know them and become familiar with the companies sales process:
Meet with Sales Team members to understand the manager’s expectations and internal requirements.
Discuss successes, challenges, and competitive threats in the market place.
Identify target accounts and together, establish a game plan to exceed goals.
Identify key decision makers who I might need to meet immediately in my new territory.
Use time with the Sales Team to determine a business plan that ensures our products are getting proper exposure.
Obtain or create past account profiles and review top accounts.
Close out business initiated by previous Account Executive, follow up with implementation of products and take care of any/all loose ends.
Days 61 - 90 Details
Monitor the first 60 Days activity levels and results and establish levels, if necessary.
Meet with Sales Manager to discuss business results; actual versus plan and forecasts.
Discuss any changes in environment or conditions relating to business opportunities.
Track compensation performance and bonus achievements to assure personal and business goals are being achieved.
Participate in team meetings.
Follow up with all large opportunity accounts.
Continue to make sound, timely business decisions based on facts and information available, be precise and accurate and give customers correct information.
Continue to increase level of contact within accounts and to better understand areas of dissatisfaction with competitive products.
Work efficiently and effectively to ensure optimum time and territory management.
Execution of the Plan
First 30 days -- Learn product, learn accounts, learn new territory, learn about my co-workers, and start building trust both internally and externally.
First 60 Days -- Continue working on above, continue relationship building, educate and close old and new customers
First 90 Days -- Have a strong hold on current customers, penetrate new accounts daily, GROW THE BUSINESS IN THE TERRITORY BASED ON THE CORPORATE SALE INITIATIVES.
Report on all progress to date to my Sales Manager.
Communicate effectively with Management to maintain goal congruency.
Exceed sales quotas; work smart!
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