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Brian Cand Tyler P Massachusetts

No description

lib hist

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Brian Cand Tyler P Massachusetts

Reasons Founded
Massachusetts was founded by John Winthrop in 1630. It was founded because the Puritans wanted religious freedom.
Religion: Puritan.
Economy: Farmed crops and livestock, lumber, shops and shipping.
Types of People Living There: Native Americans, Puritans, and Pilgrims.
People Settled There Because...
People settled in Massachusetts because they wanted religious freedom from the Church of England. The Church of England became to powerful and wealthy
Colonial History P2
History Alive! United States of America Textbook LandOfTheBrave.info

Colonial History P1
Massachusetts was founded in 1630 by John Winthrop. John and the Puritans he led settlers there in hope of Religious freedom from the Church of England. The Puritans wanted to "purify" the church by making services simpler and doing away with ranks of authority.
The Colony of Massachusetts
The economy was crops and livestock. They also used lumber, shops and shipping.Puritans, Pilgrims, and Native Americans lived in Massachusetts. People were mad that the Church of England became to powerful.
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