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Copy of Recruitment and Selection

No description

Razib m

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Recruitment and Selection

Elements of a Good Recruitment
and Selection Program "Selection" implies the choice of the one best- qualified individual from among a number of available qualified candidates. There should be a relatively large number of candidates from which the final selectees are chosen. This is known as the selection ratio. Choosing the best person from among a pool of qualified candidates is not difficult in the Philippines where there is an excess supply of manpower pool. Along with careful selection are the regular appraisal of employees' performance on the job and the careful evaluation of his potential. Reasons for Proper Selection of Employees Personnel requirements vary from job to job People have varying degrees of intelligence, apptitudes, and abilities. An incompetent worker is a liability to the company. Labor laws protect employees, making it diffic ult to fire incompetent and problem employees. Company objectives are better achieved by workers who have been properly selected (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Individuals have
different interests, goals, and objectives in life. Careless hiring is costly and can cause problems to the company, especially to the supervisors and mangers who have to deal with the workers. An Incompetent Worker is a Liability to the Company Longer time for completion of an assignment and poorer quality of finished product; Problems of employee turnover, discipline, grievances, and even court litigation, and above all, the tension and strained relations with the supervisor and management who must deal with him. Wages and fringe benefits paid by the company as a result of accidents in line of duty due to the employee's carelessness, inattention to his work, or failure to follow safety rules; Longer job training and need for closer supervision Customer dissatisfaction due to low quality of work, unsatisfactory or unpleasant associations with the incompetent worker, resulting in loss of patronage. Wasted materials or damaged tools and machines because of negligence, carelessness, or incompetence Low employee morale and inefficiency. Difficulty in Firing
Incompetent and
Problem Employees Careless hiring of person nel is costly and troublesome to a firm. The Labor Co de of the Philippines as Amended and its Imple mentating Rules and Regulations protect emplo yees against arbitrary termination of employees and employers may not just dismiss an employee or abolish a job as they please. By hiring a worker, an employer therefore establishes a long-term relation with him. Recruitment, Selection,
and Hiring Installing a program for Recognition
of the need
by management 1 Selling
the program Communicating
the program Responsibility for
recruitment, selection,
and hiring Forms
Records Labor Code
of the
Philippines Selection
of employees
from within or outside
the company Job analysis, job description
and specification Employment tests
interviews Checking of
reference, police
and clearances Prior registration
with the Social Security
System for SSS Number,
Medicare, and BIR for
assignment of Taxpayer
Identification Number (TIN) Physical
examination Introducing, inducting
and orienting the new
employee to his job and
the company Probationary period
of new employees Compensation and fringe benefits
of the new employee Performance
follow-up Periodic check-up
of the program Validation
studies Fin. 18 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 edited|kairoh BUSS Future
Our Project Managers are : Haifa A. Al-Lamar Jamal M. Twari Thor Linquist Candidates we didn't choose Sue Mei Sally Smith Ping Tan Lars Jansens Winthrop L. Farthington III Khan Rajna Trupti Ramanada Abdullah M. Kafan Rohan Lal How you selected those managers
(what criteria and testing techniques did you utilize) Selection criteria Selection criteria Final Selections Jamal Al-Twairi Haifa A. Al-Lamar Thor Linquist Justification of
Selection Matching the BUSS selection criteria by scoring 25 or above
Supporting organization strategic objectives
Why you believe they will work together well as a team Completing each others “ Puzzle “
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