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Ceyx and Alcyone

No description

Kelsey Milligan

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Ceyx and Alcyone

Ceyx and Alcyone
The End
Because their love was so unchanged by Ceyx's death, the ending was not a typical tragic resolution, because they could still be together.
How it is seen today
When Alcyone cannot go with Ceyx, it is similar situated to those who have loved ones going to war. All they can do is pray for their safety and make things for their return, like Alcyone. However, much like Alcyone, they have no way of knowing what will become of their loved one.
Halcyon Bird-
symbolizes eternal love and freedom because when turned into the birds, the couple could love each other and be with each other forever
symbolizes tranquility because when the birds lay their eggs on the sea, it is calm for seven days
Major Theme
Strong love and those who are truly committed will be together forever. Ceyx and Alcyone were so faithful towards each other that the gods rewarded them by turning them into birds so they could live eternally with each other. Although it is tragic that they cannot live human lives together, their love gave themselves and the gods hope, so the gods were kind.
Major Characters:
Ceyx-King of Thessaly; son of Lucifer, the light-bearer; husband of Alcyone
Alcyone- daughter of Aeolus, King of the Winds; wife of Ceyx
Ceyx and Alcyone are married happily until Ceyx decides to take a journey across the ocean to consult an oracle. Alcyone begs him not to go, because she knows the dangers of the sea, and tells him to at least take her with him. However, Ceyx declines and sets out without her.
On the first night of his journey, a giant storm devours the ship, and Ceyx dies with Alcyone’s name on his lips. Alcyone continues to wait for her husband, making him cloaks and praying to Juno for his safe return. Knowing the man has already died, Juno pities Alcyone, and sends Iris to ask Somnus to send the woman a dream to tell her what happened. Somnus sends his son to break the news.
Minor Characters:
Juno(Hera)-Goddess of Marriage
Iris- Goddess of Rainbows; messenger for Juno
Somnus- God of Sleep
Morpheus- son of Somnus; God of Dreams
Morpheus takes the form of the drowned Ceyx and describes the details of his death while Alcyone is sleeping. She wakes up from the terrible dream and knows her husband is dead. She does not wish to live without Ceyx any longer, so she goes to drown herself when she sees the dead body of Ceyx floating in the sea. She dives into the water to be with her husband when suddenly, she transforms into a Halcyon bird. The gods also transform Ceyx into the same bird and they still love each other and fly with each other.
Each winter for a period of seven days, the waves of the sea become calm and still. It is at this time that Alcyone broods over her nest as it floats quietly atop the water. The spell is broken when the babies hatch and the water again returns to normal. This time is still known to us as Halcyon Days.
Another similar belief is the belief that you and your soul mate are linked through life and death. When one person dies, their soul mate can't stand living without them. Although two lives lost is sad, it also gives hope because it is believed they will again rejoin each other in another world or life. Therefore, the outcome of Ceyx and Alcyone compares to beliefs today.
Character Analysis
Has very strong traits such as his love for Alcyone and his need to keep her safe
His flaw is that he doesn't listen to Alcyone when she warns him not to go to sea
This leads to the tragic outcome of his death
By Ovid
The Halcyon today
Halcyon birds are also known as Kingfishers
The Halcyon days are actually known as fourteen days of calm weather
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