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Sarah Banks Middle School Orchestra Handbook

No description

Jennifer Palmatier

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Sarah Banks Middle School Orchestra Handbook

Grading Procedures
Orchestra is a performing arts class, therefore most grades are performance based.
Performance: 20%
Benchmark Assessment: 25%
Tests and Quizzes: 30%
Rehearsal Skills: 15%
Homework: 10%
This includes concerts, festivals, and after school clinics.
Benchmark Assessments:
Students will have one BA per marking period.
Student Expectations
Bring all materials to class and actively participate in every rehearsal.
Respect and support your fellow musicians: students and teachers.
Respect all classroom equipment.
Follow classroom procedures.
Be committed to the excellence of our program, and always do your best!
6th and 7th Grade
Make sure that all dates on the website are marked in your personal and family calendars!

Sarah Banks Middle School Orchestra Handbook
Welcome to our Orchestral team!
We are so happy that you are apart of our family.
Begin your adventure here!
Sarah Banks Orchestra
Mostly students will have performance based quizzes. There will only be a few written quizzes throughout the year.
Rehearsal Skills:
Students receive a daily rehearsal skills grade. A student starts with a 100% each day. If they are not participating in the rehearsal, forget their materials, or distract others they will loose some or all of their daily points. At the end of the week their points are totaled for a weekly grade.
Students will complete a practice journal entry daily, and turn in their weekly journal each Wednesday.
Long black dress pants, solid white dress shirt (with no print or embellishments), long black socks, and black dress shoes. Girls may wear skirts, but they must be past the knees or mid-thigh with solid black stockings/leggings. Black open-toe dress shoes are not allowed.
8th Grade
All 8th grade students are provided with tuxedo vests and pants. In addition, students must wear a long sleeve, white button up dress shirt, long black socks, and black dress shoes.
Subtle hair accessories of any color are acceptable.
Ex: Small flower, hair clips that are not shiny.
Any color bow ties are acceptable.
All Grades:
Materials and Books
Materials needed in class daily:
Binder, pencil, sheet music, instrument, and the music folder passed out the first week of class.
6th Grade: Essential Elements Book 1
7th Grade: Essential Elements Book 2
Concert Protocol
1. Students will attend the entire concert to support their classmates and enhance their own experience.
2. Students will sit with their classmates during the rest of the concert, quietly and politely.
3. Students will refrain from eating, drinking, or chewing gum during the concert.
4. Students will care for their instruments and all orchestra equipment, before, during, and after the concert.
October 19th
- 6th Grade after school clinic
October 24th
- 7th and 8th Grade Concert
@ WLWestern High School
November 9th
- 6th Grade Concert @Banks
November 22nd
- 7th and 8th Grade Solo and Ensemble Recital Night
December 3rd
- Individual Solo and Ensemble Performances
February 22nd
- 8th Grade after school Pre-festival Clinic
March 8th
- 6th and 7th Grade Concert
? - 8th Grade Festival, date and time TBD
May 13th
- 7th and 8th Grade Music in the Parks Field Trip
June 7th
- All Grade Concert, place and time TBD
? - Day For Strings - district wide Orchestra Event, date tbd
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