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Mulan: Movie Analysis

No description

Sharmina Brasseur

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Mulan: Movie Analysis

Mulan: Movie Analysis
Is Mulan a remake of the original story?
The Disney Movie "Mulan" is a remake of an ancient Chinese
poem titled, "Ballad of Mulan" written in the sixth century. The poem was originally a short legend that had been added on to throughout the years.
How is the Disney remake different from the original (i.e. ending, story, characters)?
The original Mulan already had experience with weaponry and combat moves prior to battle, but in the movie, Mulan had to learn all of those skills in order to fight

The original story explains that she went to war for the sake of her family and due to her bravery.

The movie shows that Mulan is actually going through battling as a male to find her true identity

The original Mulan didn't need to prove anything, she just did it to protect and serve

Choice of lifestyle after the war
What is the original intended message/ moral of the story for kids?
The main messages that can be taken from the film Mulan would be self- empowerment, equality and honour.
As seen in the movie Mulan is an independent, adventurous girl who seeks to bring honour to her family. In the Chinese culture, bringing honour to the family as a female comes from marrying a man with high social status.
Mulan has no interest of getting married as she makes this apparent in the first twenty minutes of the movie. She is seen running, playing outside and riding horses.
When Mulan’s mother speaks about the matchmaker placing her with a husband she isn’t interested at all. It was the call of war that spiked her interest and that brought honour to Mulan’s family.
Even though there is a message that a girl’s value is measured on her ability to marry, the fact that Mulan breaks this, shows an even stronger message. The film shows the social norms, and then breaks it by proving that a young girl can bring honour to her family just as much as a male could. Mulan not only goes to war but fights and shows bravery even greater than men.

What do you see as long-term socializing effects of the film on children as they grow to adulthood?

A long term socializing effect on children as they grow to adulthood from the film, Mulan, is that males who would watch this film can see that the male characters are above average physically. In the beginning of the film , men overpower women so if any female speaks in a male's presence, they would dishonor their families. The males reveal their emotions through fighting, so if another male questioned one's strength, they would fight to prove themselves. This made it seem like the males are the only ones who can be strong and heroic. However, the females are expected to be the ones who sit back and do nothing. The males in the story are supposed to showcase more intelligence and are more worthwhile than the females in the movie, despite the females being the main characters.

Overall, Mulan is not a stereotypical Disney film. Rarely do we see a strong manly female character like Mulan playing the lead role. Disney hardly ever shows its viewers that a female does not always need to be the damsel in distress. A woman doesn't need a man to stand up for her, she can do it herself.
Any other hidden messages in the film?
believe in yourself (believed she could fight in the war)

anyone can be a hero (Saved her village)

family is the most important (went to war for her father)

• never give up (never gave up in learning how to fight no matter how hard it was)

• women can do anything a man can do (Fought in the war even though only men are allowed to)

don’t change just because you're different (even though Mulan posed as a man she stayed true to who she was)

stand up for what you believe in (stood up for herself during the time she posed as a male)

take charge of your own destiny (didn't let anyone make her decisions )
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