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Parents & Guests PACES Services 2017-18

No description

Abigail Lee

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of Parents & Guests PACES Services 2017-18

Laptops, spirit gear, value line clothing, trade books, gifts, custom logo gear, electronics, no logo items, posters, art supplies

PACES Services
Step 1- SUNYCard
Campus ID Card-
Multi Use Card

Access to: Dorms, Meal Plans, Bear Express Account

access to the dining halls and fitness center
access your Bear Express account
identification at The College Store for purchasing and selling back your books
admittance to functions and programs on campus
Step 2 -Meal Plan Sign Up
BearPAWS : bearpaws.potsdam.edu

First Year, Residential & Commuter Plans
Access to all eateries on campus
A Meal Plan saves you money

Step 3- Bear Express
bearpaws.potsdam.edu - select or change amount that has been assigned to account

Deadline for charge to bill - F.T. of the F.W.C.

Use it to buy
Textbooks from the Store
Products from vending machines
Bear Bus, Outdoor Rentals, Event tickets
At local merchants in Potsdam & Canton

Balances over $20 refunded at end of the academic semester
Step 4- Textbooks
Fun & Convenient Shopping
Meal Plan Choices
First Year Plans
19 Meals a week, 100 Flex, Guest Passes $2,735
14 Meals a week, 500 Flex, Guest Passes $2,735

Meal Swipes reset on Sunday morning, use as many in a day as needed
Meal swipes and Flex should be used daily, end of semester expiriation

Commuter Plans
Commuter All Flex 100 (plus 1 Guest Pass) $100
Commuter All Flex 300 (plus 1 Guest Passes) $300
Commuter All Flex 500 (plus 1 Guest Passes) $500
Commuter Hybrid Flex $500 50meals/100 flex (plus 3 guest passes)
Unrestricted daily, weekly usage, end of semester expiration

One meal swipe = one all you care to eat meal at Lehman
One meal swipe = $6.50 purchase (all at once use)
Flex = $$ purchase (no cash value)
Guest Pass = one meal at Lehman
Card Management: Balances, Lost Card

College Life & Auxiliary Services Tab
Report lost or stolen card
Choose Meal Plan, Bear Express Account
Add money to your accounts with Credit Card

Upload photo
Check Balance and Activity
Sign up for low balance warnings- text or email
per semester choices & costs
Block Plans
(for students who have met the residency requirement)
160 Meals a semester, 100 Flex, 5 Guest Passes $2,385
100 Meals a semester, 500 Flex, 5 Guest Passes $2,060
Unrestricted daily, weekly usage, end of semester expiration

All Flex
(for students who have met the residency requirement)
2000 Flex, 5 Guest Passes $2,000
Unrestricted daily, weekly usage, end of semester expiration
Find out what books are required and recommended

Price Comparison Tool
Step by Step Instructions
Different formats (e, rental, used)
Pre-pack for pick up,use Bear Express

Ensures you have correct edition
Supports campus community

Campus Convenience
Groceries, pharmacy, cosmetics, dorm supplies, video games, snacks, beverages.
Microfridge Rentals
online application
print and bring to unit
class schedule!!
Government issued ID
first come, first serve
rent at bookstore.potsdam.edu
$125 per year

dry cleaning
special orders
textbook buy back
summer storage
frequent promotions
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