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East Asia Trade

No description

marisol cruz

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of East Asia Trade

East Asia Trade China, Japan, South Korea, and Tawian ar members of the Asia Pacific economic cooperation group. Which insures that trade among member countries is effecient and fair. Japan Japan depends on international trade for its economic well being. It imports raw materials such as iron, ore, and fuels. In recent years the United States and other countries have tried to persuade Japan to open its market. Results are mixed. Trade policy therefore continues to complicate Japan's relations with other countries. China China has sought increased trade with the United States and other countries with market economies. A major stumbling block however is China's harsh treatment of citizens who speak out against government policies. In 1989, Chinese students wanting democratic reform held a massive demonstration in Beijing's Tiananmen square the government sent in troops to brutally in the protest. Map of the Asian Trade Promotion Forum. Asian Trade Promotion Forum (ATPF) is a gathering of Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) in the Asian Region. It wasestablished in 1987, and currently has 21 members The pace of decline in Korea and Taiwan’s exports did moderate in February, but at least some of that was a by product of the timing of China’s new year. That though offers the only glimmer of hope in the Asian trade data. The y/y fall in China and Japan still hasn’t hit bottom.

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