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Student-Athlete Academic Services

No description

Ashley Sloper

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of Student-Athlete Academic Services

Student-Athletes at UCR
293 student-athletes (Fall 2014)
92 incoming student-athletes
72 Freshman, 20 Transfers

As of Spring 2014:
206 CHASS, 29 CNAS, 14 SoBA, 11 BCoE

17 Division 1 Intercollegiate Athletic teams

UCR Athletic S14 GPA: 2.96

NCAA Academic Eligibility
Upon completion of each quarter, Student-Athlete Academic Services will certify each students academic eligibility for competition for the following quarter.
Quarterly Rules:
Minimum 6 degree units earned, GPA requirements
Academic Year Rule:
Minimum 27 degree units earned per Academic year
Progress Towards Degree:
1st year: 36 units passed prior to start of 2nd year
2nd year: Declaration of degree program, 40% completed
3rd year: Declaration of degree program, 60% of degree completed
4th year: Declaration of degree program, 80% of degree completed
Academic Performance Rate (APR)
APR is a team-based metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete receiving athletic aid each term.

As of 2014-15 the APR benchmark for each team has been raised from 925 to 930.
**If a team does not meet the APR minimum score of 930, penalties such as a loss of scholarship, reduction of practice hours, coaching suspensions, university fines etc. may be assessed.

APR is publicly reported scores of the student-athlete. They are widely discussed in media and can bring negative light to an institution (UCONN Men's Basketball, UNLV Football, Idaho Football, etc).
Graduation Success Rate (GSR)
UCR Federal Graduation Rate (2006-07) - 66%

UCR Athletic Graduation Success Rate (2006) - 65%

Balancing athletic and academic schedules

On average, student-athletes participate athletic related activities for 30-40 hours per week

In addition, teams have assigned study hall requirements, set by coaching staff

Because of their intense time commitment, it is very difficult for student-athletes to work during their collegiate tenure

Not all student-athletes receive athletic aid. All student-athletes have an additional level of pressure to perform both academically and athletically to either maintain their scholarship or to earn an athletic scholarship

Competing at the Division 1 level, for Division 1 coaches is also challenging. Student-athletes must adapt to high stress, high pressure environments both on the field and in the classroom
Student-Athlete Challenges
Athletic Counselors
• Monitor student-athlete eligibility in compliance with NCAA rules and regulation
• Communicate with athletic administration, coaching staff, NCAA and academic faculty
• Partner with UCR Academic Advisors
• Refer students to on-campus resources
• Provide academic support for student-athletes
• Maintain student-athlete confidentiality
• Monitor NCAA Academic Performance Rate (APR)
• Assist freshman and transfer student populations with transition to UCR
• Provide Life Skills programming for student-athletes

On-campus Parternships
Student-Athlete Academic Services partners with multiple offices on campus to host mandatory Life Skill development programming for our student-athletes. In 2013-14 SAAS coordinated programming with the Well, Career Services, SCAIP, LGBT center, the ARC, Student Special Services and different college/major advisors.

SAAS also works closely with Undergraduate Admissions, the Registrars office, Housing, Orientation and Financial Aid.

Student-athletes are members of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, SAM's, Golden Arches, PHYT club, Greek life, University Honors Program, HPAC and more...
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