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Joseph, Bryce, Blake Medal of honor

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lib hist

on 3 September 2018

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Transcript of Joseph, Bryce, Blake Medal of honor

Clifford Chester Sims
Born: June 18, 1942 Port St. Joe, FL
Died: February 21, 1966, Hue, Vietnam
Service years: 1961-1968
Fought in Vietnam
Unit: 501st Infantry Regiment and the 101st Airborne
Rank: Staff Sergeant
In the U.S. Army
Awarded the Medal or Honor b posthumously.
Compare and contrast

.Same: both were awarded posthumously
.Same:Died trying to save others not there Own
.Different: Sims served during Vietnam while Carswell served during WW2
.Same:Loved there country
. Different: Sims was a minority while Carswell was not
. Same:Where great people trying to save life's
.Different: Both where army but Carswell flew planes (Air force wasn't a t Thing in WW2.
...... . Different: Sims is a staff sergeant while Carswell was a major

Reason for MOH:Sacrifice

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. S/Sgt. Sims distinguished himself while serving as a squad leader with Company D. Company D was assaulting a heavily fortified enemy position concealed within a dense wooded area when it encountered strong enemy defensive fire. Once within the woodline, S/Sgt. Sims led his squad in a furious attack against an enemy force which had pinned down the 1st Platoon and threatened to overrun it. His skillful leadership provided the platoon with freedom of movement and enabled it to regain the initiative. S/Sgt. Sims was then ordered to move his squad to a position where he could provide covering fire for the company command group and to link up with the 3d Platoon, which was under heavy enemy pressure. After moving no more than 30 meters S/Sgt. Sims noticed that a brick structure in which ammunition was stocked was on fire. Realizing the danger, S/Sgt. Sims took immediate action to move his squad from this position. Though in the process of leaving the area 2 members of his squad were injured by the subsequent explosion of the ammunition, S/Sgt. Sims' prompt actions undoubtedly prevented more serious casualties from occurring. While continuing through the dense woods amidst heavy enemy fire, S/Sgt. Sims and his squad were approaching a bunker when they heard the unmistakable noise of a concealed booby trap being triggered immediately to their front. S/Sgt. Sims warned his comrades of the danger and unhesitatingly hurled himself upon the device as it exploded, taking the full impact of the blast. In so protecting his fellow soldiers, he willingly sacrificed his life. S/Sgt. Sims' extraordinary heroism at the cost of his life is in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himse
Reason for MOH: Valor, sacrifice
Carswell, Horrace Jr. Was piloting a lone B-24 Bomber Over the south china sea on October 26,1944. There job was to attack a japanese convoy and incapacitate enemy destroyers so the convoy could be attacked easily. There first bombing run resulted in a near miss on enemy destroyers. Knowing very well that the enemy was alerted and would certainly shoot the bomber Down "Stump" took the risk circled and engaged. He made a low level bombing run and added two successful hits to his record but at a price. A barrage of AA, Flak guns, and enemy machine gun fire Shot the B-24 on sight, soon the plane was being pelted with bullets and explosions. The damage was irreversible and severe His co-pilot was injured and rendered helpless, the plane had 3 out of 4 engines destroyed, the fuel tank was punctured, the final blow the hydraulic system was ruined. I can not stress how hard it is to fly Massive 4 engined bomber with no hydraulic system. Through great piloting skills "Stump" Manged to fly the bomber to land where, now possible 8 of the 11 crew bailed. His co-pilot couldn't bail due to injuries and another crew members parachute was obliterated. Instead of saving his own life and jumping out to let the crew member fend for themselves Stump decided he stay on hopes to pilot a hunk of medal into the chinese mountain sides. Sadly with low speed low altitude and no hydraulic system he wasn't successful upon impact all 3 crew members died. But still is atempts to save other lives not his own will not go in vain.
Carswell, Horrace Jr.
.Born July 18, 1916
.Died October 26, 1944
.Died Trying to Save other crew members
.Had a nickname "Stump'
.Rightful owner of these awards:
.Medal of Honor, Distinguished flying cross, Distinguished service cross, Purple heart, And the air medal
... .Rank: U.s army major
.Piloted a B-24
. Flew Naval bombing runs during
Joseph, Bryce, Blake Medal of honor

This is the medal of honor.
Chester Clifford Sims Was leading a squad in vietnamese front lines. During a intense firefight Sims realized a ammunition storage was placed near his squad. realizing the immediate danger Sims raced through thick jungle to try to save his crews life's through his efforts only 2 were injured and no one died His actions almost certainly save lives. But what he did next was the ultimate sacrifice. Upon assaulting a enemy bunker Sims heard a distinct sound... A booby trap going off. After this moment Sims did what no human should have to do he jumped onto the bomb and sacrificed himself for his squad. Through great sacrifice Sims saved countless lives.
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