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this was for my little brothers school project

Owen Clark

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of biomass

energy source
Biomass Uses
L: Biomass can be used for electricity and, gasoline.
O: Biomass ethanol is not reliable because it uses up too much of the united states water.
O: Biomass is any organic matter like trees, sugarcane, plants or animal waste that can be used as an energy source. Energy comes from the sun through a process called photosynthesis when biomass is burned or decomposed.
How do you describe biomass
L: Biomass is made into ethanol. It is grinded, heated, cooled and, steamed. You also put 2-5% gasoline. Ethanol is used to power cars or anything else that uses gasoline
Biomass by: Owen Clark, Emorej Terry, and Liliana Alvarado
E: Biomass effects Americas water source. It takes up too much water.
E: About 2.3% of the united states energy needs can be solved with biomass.
O: biomass is limited. The united states limits it because it takes up too much water.
L: Ethanol is expensive material. some people that create ethanol earn over 8 billion dollars a decade.
E: The united states has ethanol factories scattered around the country.
O: biomass was found as an energy source in 1943.
this would be gone
if we used all ethanol
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