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Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

Aditya Bawan

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Anne Frank

8:20: Morning activities-does hair, replaces bed.
8:30: No more water. Frank family reads quietly.
9:00: Breakfast
12:30: Housework, reading, and freshening up time.
12:45: Helpers come to the Annex.
1:00: All listen to B.B.C. around the radio.
1:15: All gets soup and sometimes pudding for lunch.
1:45: Rises from table, free time, usually people go to sleep or work on studies. Very peaceful.
4:00: Dussel rises and starts work on table.
7:00: Dinner time. Each member acts differently.
9:00: Beds are prepared, washing commences.
9:30: Anne brings various night-time items to her room.
10:00: Lights out, blackout is put up.
11:30: Dussel comes in from Kraler's office.
3:00: Anne lies awake listening to sounds of the night.
1:00-4:00: Dussel is restless, sometimes there are shootings which cause Anne to go to Pim's room.
6:45: The alarm clock rings.
7:15: Dussel goes to the bathroom and Anne takes down blackout. Another day begins.
Daily Timetable
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
by Stacey Ni, Vivian Yuan, Aditya Bawankule, and Jesse Wang
Part II: The Topic Analysis
18 April 1943
Warsaw Ghetto
Capture of Tunisia,
end of North Africa campaign
Was Hitler a faithful ally?
Governments of Hitler's Main Allies
Role in World Domination
List of allies, and relationship
Special Interests
Frustrations and Annoyances
Axis Powers: Japan, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania
Informal Allies: Thailand, Finland, San Marino, Iraq, Ireland
Germany itself was ruled by a socialist party, with Hitler as the leader of the party.
Italy was ruled by a fascist party, with Mussolini as the leader of the party.
Japan was ruled by the military, with the high-ranking officers of the army, such as Hideki Tojo, taking control over the positions of power in Japan.
The Soviet Union was led by the dictator Josef Stalin.
Aryan superiority
Using this belief as an excuse to capture, torture, and kill Jews
Overall goal was to dominate the world and kill all others not of the Aryan race
Accepted alliances with others sympathetic to his goal, however, he later said would betray them, for Aryans are superior to all others
Main allies were Italy and Japan, both are considered faithful to him
Retreated most of his forces when Italy was invaded by the Allies
Surrendered to the Allies without Japan consent
Overall, Hitler was not faithful to his allies as they were to him
LOL you found it :D
Part III: International Analysis
2 April 1943 – 8 November 1943

-she invests very much in her education.
-Books, various types.
-talks to herself more than others to avoid conflict.
-gunfire and bombings
-fleas and plagues
-depression and being way too serious
-V.M.'s-warehouseman- inquisitive nature.
-Oppression from being in hiding.

-frequent bombings-destruction made by war.
-Mundane wishes: school, cinema, hot bath, cake-conveys extreme difficulties of being in hiding as a Jew.
-The buying of fruit- newspapers that say "Play fair and keep prices down".
-financial arguments-poor condition of many civilians, especially Jews.
Blend of everyday matters with critical issues
Relations with others
Part I: Sectional Analysis
Aleutian Islands
Dambuster Raids
Battle of Kursk
Operation Gomorrah
-Kraler's dilemma; no shoes.
-Pim is very angry.
- Miep has love worries and a grumbling father.
-Something wrong with Mr. Van Daan.
Operation Jaywick
Operation Vengeance
19 April – 16 May 1943
Ghetto established by Nazis in 1940
Horrific conditions
As orders for deportations to death camps increased, so did resistance
Heinrich Himmler ordered termination of ghetto
Brutal fighting - shooting, poison gas, fires
Ghetto demolished, German victory signified by destruction of Tlomacki synagogue
Jews succeeded in demonstrating powerful resistance against Germans
Non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union
Broken later when Germany invaded Russia
The betrayal was one of the reasons for Germany's downfall
British Royal Air Force attacked German dams hoping to cause flooding and impact water and electrical production
Möhne Dam & Eder Dam

Sorpe Dam
Ennepe Dam & Lister Dam
Reduced water production and flooded farmland, but quickly restored by German engineers
Short term effects, but boosted British morale
17 May 1943
Was Hitler a faithful ally? (cont.)
Largest tank battle in history
Bulge in Soviet lines stretching into German territory around Kursk
Germans planned to surprise attack Soviets
Soviets anticipated attack, defended land and launched their own counterattack
German defeat, lost offensive ability on Eastern Front
5 July – 23 August 1943

-Her mother’s harsh words
-Other members hurting her verbally and bringing out her faults.
- bombings/shootings.
-No fitting clothes
-Dirty and confines living conditions.
-She can’t go out to visit their sick helpers.
-mundane things; she has to get glasses
-Dussel’s rude attitude towards her.
24 July – 3 August 1943
Aerial bombing campaign against Hamburg
First ever coordination between British Royal Air Force and US Army Air Force
27 July: British caused intense firestorm
Killed 40,000-50,000 civilians, left another million homeless, demolished 10 square miles of city
Harmed stability of Nazi government
-Her birthday poem from Pim.
- Sweets and candies
Pleasant and inspiring things:
- Loves her studies, especially of mythology/history.
-The radio (when it has good news)
-She finds office work amusing and satisfying.
-fitting and attractive clothes, especially shoes.
-Elli and Koophuis provide comfort to Anne and reassurances.
Hitler relationships with his allies
Signed Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany
Germans added Japanese as honorary Aryan
One of the signers of the Tri-Partite pact
One way relations, Germany did not help
North African campaign fought over oil and access to resources from Asia/Africa
Tunisia last phase of campaign
7 May: Tunis captured by British, port Bizerte captured by US
13 May: Axis forces in North Africa surrender
Allied victory over 900,000 Axis German/Italisan troops, 200,000+ taken prisoners of war
Plan to attack Japanese shipping in Keppel Harbor, Singapore
Small teams of men paddled into the harbor in collapsible canoes, planted mines on 7 Japanese ships
Raiders escaped harbor before bombs detonated
Successful, precedent for Operation Rimau – Jaywick on a larger scale, but turned out unsuccessful
Discovered intended flight to Solomon islands by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto -
planner of attack on Pearl Harbor
Plan to intercept Yamamoto’s flight as it began to descend to Ballale Airfield
Yamamoto’s plane hit, fell down to jungle
US success: both Japanese bombers which had been flying taken down, 19 killed including Yamamoto, only 1 aircraft lost
26 September 1943
July 1943: Japanese took over islands of Attu and Kiska of Aleutian islands
Concern that Japan had control of US territory
Battle of Attu
11 May 1943: US troops landed on Attu
Outnumbered Japanese, but were inadequately prepared for harsh conditions
Received reinforcements, able to take control of island and corner Japanese
29 May: one of the largest banzai charges of the war, desperate last attempt for attack against US
Head-on assault cut through surprised American lines, but eventually overwhelmed by US firepower
30 May: US victory
Battle of Kiska
Attempt to take back Kiska after Attu
US much better equipped
15 August 1943: landed without any resistance
Discovered island had already been evacuated by Japanese
30 August 1943: island declared secure, Battle of Aleutian Islands ends
Operation Husky - Capture of Sicily
July 9 1943: Allied landing
Difficulties at first because of lack of coordination between US & British forces
Palermo fell - spurred Mussolini’s overthrow
August 17: strategic port of Messina captured as well, island of Sicily completely under Allied control
Mussolini's Fall
Italy's Surrender
Allied control in Italy, Sicily captured, war seemed doomed
People unhappy, confidence in Mussolini declined
25 July: Italian Grand Council ousts Mussolini, arrested by Italian authorities
New leader Field Marshal Pietro Badoglio
Badoglio assured Germans Italy would continue to fight, but secretly negotiated with Allies
3 September 1948: surrender signed in Sicily, kept secret until Allied invasion of Italy underway
8 September 1948: news of Italian surrender announced
October 13 1943: Italy declares war on Germany
September 12 1943: Mussolini rescued from imprisonment by
Otto Skorzeny
and his German commandos
Repubblica Sociale Italiana formed by Germans - puppet fascist regime led by Mussolini fighting on Germany’s side
War situation grew worse and worse; when German forces surrendered in 1945, RSI disintegrated

Mr. Van Daan: Arguments with Mrs. Van Daan are very frightening to Anne. She does not mention him very much.
Peter: static character, does not talk much to Anne or anyone and is only mentioned when Mouschi the cat comes up.
Dussel: Anne very much dislikes Dussel, for they argued vehemently over the issue of the table. He insults her just like Mrs. Van Daan.
Captured Allied pilots will be given "one way tickets to hell" 22 April 1943
Emperor Hirohito: Japan's situation is now "truly grave"
26 October 1943
3 August 1943
"Political news excellent. In Italy the Fascist party has been banned. The people are fighting the Fascists in many places - even the army is actually taking part in the battle. Can a country like that wage war against England?"
10 September 1943
"'Here follows the best news of the whole war. Italy has capitulated!' Italy's unconditional surrender!"
"From my favorite spot on the floor I look up at the blue sky and the bare chestnut tree, on whose branches little raindrops shine, appearing like silver..." 23 February 1944
"Our chestnut tree is already quite greenish and you can even see little blooms here and there." 18 April 1944
"Our horse chestnut is in full bloom, thickly covered with leaves and much more beautiful than last year." 13 May 1944
Relations with family
Mother- Anne dislikes her mother, as shown through her actions. Feels like her mother does not care at all about her.

Father- Anne is pleasant to her father, and respects him. He stood up for her when they argued with Dussel.

Margot: Anne is somewhat indifferent to her, she thinks Margot is too shy and not someone that she truly connects with.
Relationships Cont.
"All Italians who now act to help eject the German aggressor from Italian soil will have the assistance and support of the United Nations."
- Eisenhower
"The Italian forces will cease all acts of hostilities against the Anglo-American forces, wherever they may be. They will, however, oppose attacks of any other forces." - Badoglio
Elli Vossen
Jo Koophius
Mrs. Van Daan: Anne dislikes her most out of everyone, because they get into a lot of arguments where Anne is insulted.
"Mrs. Van Daan sets a fine example...a bad one. There is no question about it, she is an unspeakably disagreeable person."
"I go and sleep, to make the time pass more quickly, and the stillness and the terrible fear, because there is no way of killing them."
"Dussel was frightfully childish...A person of 54 who is still so pedantic and small-minded must be so by nature, and will never improve."
"Oh, he can spit like a cat-I'd rather not argue, if you've once tried, you don't try again."
"Ordinary people simply don't know what books mean to us, shut up here. Reading, learning, and the radio are our amusements."-July 11, 1943
July 13, 1943
July 29, 1943
August 9, 1943
How did Hitler Fail to utilize his allies
Attacked Russia
Big Mistake
Russians outnumbered, outproduced them
Hitler hated dictatorships
Japan attacked USA, and then Germany declared war on it
USA also could outproduce Germany, just adding to list of powerful enemies
Member of Axis powers, relied on trade with Germany to fix its economy
Soviet Russia
Unlikely allies
Both allying for political needs
-various arguments (Main one with Dussel)
-name-calling (Mrs. Van Daan especially)
-Shows a shred of respect for these people who died in the holocaust. (So they won't just be seen as an annoying or hotheaded person)
Normal girl?
-No, in the beginning she was but then she grew more mature
-Does not think about boys in this section
-Worries about financial situation, lack of food, and death.
-Does not have the privileges others have, cannot go outside of the Annex, don't own many clothes, does not have much food.
Events Anne is directly involved in:
-Argument with Dussel
-Making mother cry and Pim disappointed.
-Altercation about the book "Henry from the Other Side"- led to insults of Anne's upbringing.
Events that influence perspective:
-Their current situation (No longer takes things for granted)
-Students have to sign in sympathy with Germans-80% didn't are are sent to labor camps (Outside the Annex, the people's lives are also very difficult)
Annex life is more negative:
Although she is glad to be alive, she still finds Annex life very difficult.
-Declined manners (dirty tables, can't wash sheets)
-No fitting clothes (Shared vests, don't even reach stomach, frayed trousers and corsets)
-Quarrels with everyone
-Miserable food (dry bread, always spinach or lettuce, rotten potatoes)
-Shootings and bombings during the night.
-Starts very negative (arguments always)
-Progresses into a bit more positive as her birthday comes and the radio speaks words of courage
-But, the quarrel with Dussel sets the mood into a very enraged and negative tone. Burglars and air raids add to this negativity.
-Overall more negative, due to all the arguments.
"Daddy goes about with his lips pursed, Mummy has red patches on her cheeks, and Margot complains of headaches. Dussel can't sleep. Mrs. Van Daan grouses the whole day and I'm going completely crazy!" Sept. 29. 1943
Outside world:
-Only observed through radio or helpers.
-Radio: Hears news of the war and the progression of the war. (Students need to sign in sympathy to Nazis, bombings of Amsterdam, air battles)
-Helpers: Miep brings in food and clothes from outside, Koophius tells of news of outside.
-other than this, the Annex is very secluded
Other building happenings:
-Burglary: July 16, 1943-forced their way into warehouse, and stole cash boxes and coupons.
-caused a stir in the Annex, they are now more cautious and aware.
-Dussel goes to the office to work many days.
-Kraler was almost caught going into the Annex by V.M., the warehouseman. -very inquisitive and difficult to "fob off".
Nazi Germany
Fascist Italy
Imperial Japan
Differences and similarities with relations:
-Respects family more, although she has her quarrels with her family, she still wishes their relationships were better and closer.
-places trust in her family more (Pim)
-All of her family dislikes Mrs. Van Daan
-Still easily angered by anyone, family or not.
What is Anne's relation with Dussel like? What was a key event that led to this relationship?
Name three things that Anne finds pleasant and interesting.
Is this section mainly written negatively or positively? Name 2 reasons why this is so.
Name 2 axis powers and 2 informal allies of the Axis powers.
Why was attacking the Soviet Union a bad idea on Hitler's behalf?
What notable thing did Hitler do after the Japanese signed the Anti-Comintern Pact?
Why was Yamamoto targeted by the U.S. in Operation Vengeance?
What was a German dam that was successfully attacked by the British in the Dambuster Raids?
What was the effect of the Battle of Kursk on German offensive ability?
Who rescued Mussolini after he lost power and was arrested?
Her relationship with Dussel is very negative, consisting of rage-filled arguments and insults. The event that led to this was when Anne asked to use the table for two afternoons per week and Dussel rudely denied her.
3 of the following: Mythology, books, education, sweets, birthday gifts(poem), radio, clothes, office work, Elli and Koophius providing comfort.
Negatively - 2 of the following: declined manners, no fitting clothes, arguments with everyone, miserable food, shootings/bombings/air-raids in the night
2 out of: Japan, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania 2 out of: Thailand, Finland, San Marino, Iraq, Ireland
Soviet Union was very capable enem
Added them to definition of Aryan
Responsible for Pearl Harbor attack
Möhne Dam OR Eder Dam
Germans lost their offensive ability on the Eastern Front
Otto Skorzeny
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