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Hypertext and Hypermedia


Susan Brown

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Hypertext and Hypermedia

Hypertext and hypermedia
Grafton & Permaloff, 1991)
De Bra (2011) Hypertext Conference description
How would you describe the nature of the hypertext/hypermedia you are about to see? Go to visuwords to try it our for yourself.
How would you describe the nature of this: hypertext/hypermedia (see below)? Go to pdictionary to try it our for yourself.
How would you describe the nature of the hypertext/hypermedia in this video?
How would you describe the nature of the hypertext/hypermedia in this image? Image from Second Life (Genome Island)
Task 1: With reference to relevant literature (e.g. Mishra & Sharma (2005- see reading list) , think about the potential value of/issues with the hypertext/media environments/activities you have explored. In the Blackboard discussion thread 'Hypertext and Hypermedia'. Discuss your thinking
Task 2: De Bre (2011: see first slide) discusses different types of hypermedia, e.g dynamic and computed hypermedia. Try to find out more about one of those types of hypermedia. Consider how you might help an initiate understand more about this form of hypermedia. You can write your ideas to the discussion area or, if you are feeling ambitious create a Prezi presentation for initiates thinking through how Prezi can be harnessed to do this.
CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS Read any two of the following sources to help you gain a sense of how the literature construes hypertext and hypermedia. Note the dates of the sources. Think about whether concepts of hypertext and hypermedia have changed since these texts were written. The second text takes you to a PPt. It is included to give you a sense of current notions of hypertext. You might think about
Visuword is referred to as visual brainstorming software. You may have encountered the visual thesaurus http://www.visualthesaurus.com/trialover/. This works on similar principles and is billed as a thesaurus for the 'visual' thinker. The following brief article discusses hypermedia visual brainstorming in a medical learning context. This also, relates hypermedia brainstorming to learning styles.What do you think the value of this visual software is? Hsu & Tancred (1995) http://bit.ly/dFjw1s
Hypertext & Hypermedia
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