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Funeral Rights

No description

Amaia Floreal

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Funeral Rights

Funeral Rites
Amaia Floreal 5th Period
Highly ritualized event filled with deep mourning
Involves two funerals
Stretched out on plantain leaves
Cleaned and covered in camwood dye
Laid out in living room
First burial
Second burial (ikwa ozu)
Ogbanje children, twins, and suicidal deaths do not get funerals
Chief burials and ceremonies
"Bad deaths"
Funeral Rites of Igbo People
Proper burial
Mourning times
Public burials (cemetery)
Funeral Rites of European Colonists
Mourning periods
Reaction To different Rights
Disposal of twins
Human sacrifices
Changes Made
Positives and Negatives
in some cases the Igbo people were accepting and even began to immerse themselves into the culture of Christianity and began to practice customs and traditions of the european funeral traditions.

Stopped unnecessary 'homicides'
neutralizing traditional belief in ancestral spirits
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