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Club Sports Officer Training

No description

Aaron Harper

on 15 August 2011

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Transcript of Club Sports Officer Training

Club Sports
Officer Training Welcome Schedule Assistant Director Mary Yemma Coordinator-Club Sports Justin Waters Student Directors Bailey Wilson Kriss Lans Aaron Harper Civil Engineering Economics Biological Engineering 9:00am-Welcome and Intro
Breakfast and Name Tags
9:30am-Club Sports 101
Mission Goals
Your Role As A Leader
10:00am-Miller Field
Team Building
2:30pm-Break(15 min)
2:45pm-Breakout Sessions
Switch every 30 minutes
4:00pm-Injury Presentation by Dr. Blank
4:30pm-Whats Next? and Wrap-Up 2011-2012 Club Sports Council Kamau Brown Water Polo
Jeff Bumgarner Bass Fishing
Kory Davis Triathlon
Courtney Sparr Women's Lacrosse
Ryan McCann Men's Ultimate
Alex Okowita Ice Hockey
Jensen Sales Water Polo
Maureen Kelly Women's Rugby Who Are You? Name
Officer Position
Year in School Club Sports 101 New Structure Formerly:
Campus Recreation &
Carmichael Complex Facilities and Operations Now One Department Called... University Recreation Mission The Mission of University Recreation is to provide quality diverse facilities, programming and services to the NC State community. We create a safe and welcoming environment for students and members that foster healthy lifestyles, social development, and lifelong wellness. We complete the college experience by intentionally developing students through experiential learning in a supportive, challenging and fun atmosphere. Departments Club Sports
Intramural Sports
Outdoor Adventures
Special Events
Equipment Room
Aquatics Club Sports Student Lead
Leadership, Interest, Involvement, and Participation
Participate in Sports and Recreational Activities
Private Organization
Seperate from NC State
Affiliated as a Registered Student Organization
Transferable Skills Club Sports Mission Club Sports Vision Club Sports at NC State University is committed to providing a comprehensive program that empowers club athletes and officers through student learning, leadership development and life long participation and wellness to produce ethical leaders for the community. University Recreation Club Sports Goals Enhance leadership, involvement and social responsibility of Club Sports officers
Promote and encourage participation of athletes and officers in the Club Sports Leadership Development Certificate
Educate club officers on fiscal management and responsibility
Improve knowledge and professional development of Club Sports student staff
Educate club athletes and parents about the structure of Club Sports at NC State
Develop and improve the University Recreation Facilities
Improve the health and wellness of the campus community Activity Clubs in 2011-2012 Aikido
All Girl Cheerleading
Ballroom Dance
Basketball (M)
Basketball (W)
Bass Fishing
Cross Country/Track
Cycling/Mt. Biking
Dance Team
Equestrian - Dressage
Equestrian - Hunt Seat
Equestrian - Western
Field Hockey
Ice Hockey
Lacrosse (M)
Lacrosse (W) Clubs in 2010-2011 Handbook Fun Mailing Address (Club Name) at NC State
University Recreation
Campus Box 8111
Raleigh, NC 27695-8111 University Policies Alcohol
Illegal Drugs
Club Socials Ethics 101 Is it Legal?
Is it Balanced?
How will it make me feel about myself? Carmichael Gym Usage Facility Reservation Requests
Submit Electronically
All-Campus Cards
Miller Fields
Method Fields
"Official" Practice
Special Events
Weight and Cardio Areas Intramural Sports Baseball/Softball(4)
Ball Hockey(2)
Badminton(1 per doubles/co-rec team)
Table Tennis(1 per doubles/co-rec team)
Tennis(1 per doubles/co-rec team) Club Sports Conduct Policy 1. The club will be made aware of the incident in writing within 3 business days
2. Meeting scheduled with club officers, AD, and 1 CSC member within 5 business days
3. A recommendation of sanctions
4. Club will be notified of sanctions within 48 hours
5. Five days to appeal
6. If the club fails to meet after the initial contact the decision will be considered final Discipline Process Minor Infraction
Missing a leadership series meeting
Minor Infractions may not be appealed
Major Infractions or reapeated Minor Infractions
Failure to comply with policy
Critical Infraction or repeated occurrences of Minor or Major Infractions
Alcohol Violation Infractions Suspension of Privelages
Termination of Privelages
Reimbursement for damage to appropriate person
Community Service or Special Program Attendance
Club Placed on Probation Status
Termination of Affiliation with Club Sports Program Affiliation Priveleges Administrative assistance and guidance
Eleigible to request allocated funds
Ability to request facility space
Limited equipment storage
Club officer e-mail list
Full voting rights
officer services
Student supervision for events at Carmichael Complex
Publicity and Marketing
Ability to link the club's web page to the Campus Recreation web page Responsibilities Club
Abiding by all laws
Maintaining registration with SORC
Membership numbers and tryouts
Reporting all events and results
CPR certification
Eligible to participate
Health Insurance
Proper dress and protective equipment
Financial obligations associated with injuries Duties of Officers President Treasurer Safety Officer Liasion
Communication to all members
Getting approval
Completing and submitting forms
Officer trainings and leadership developement series
Club Expo
Material on Web-Site Assume all duties of president, if president is unable to do so
Assist the president in duties as assigned Attend Financial Training
Keep accurate records of all club accounts
Purchase order and reimbursement request
Assist with budget proposal and presentation Conduct correspondence to club athletes
Submit trip itineraries and travel rosters
Submit home and away results
Maintain all documents Have CPR, First Aid, BBP certification
Report Club Injuries
Check safety and standards of club equipment
Maintain risk management plan Vice-President Secretary Club Officers and E-mail List E-mail
aikido-urec@ncsu.edu(see program guide)
Fall 2011 Officer List
Name, e-mail, phone, officer position, year in school
Highlight who should receive club sports updates/emails Leadership Development Series An opportunity to share ideas from club to club and learn leadership and management skills pertinent to the operation of club sports and future jobs.
1st Absence: e-mail warning
2nd Absence: infraction, written warning stating the next absence will result in suspension of club priveleges
3rd Absence: suspension of all club sports priveleges
4 or more absences: loss of affiliation with Club Sports and University Recreation Club Officer Transferable Skills Activity
At your table, determine 5 leadership series topics that you think would be educational and appropriate for the 2011-2012 leadership development series
5-10 minutes Guest List The guest list for Carmichael Complex is generated on a weekly basis
Guest list submissions are due Monday by noon for the upcoming week
Late submissions will not be accepted
Guest passes can be purchased for $10 per day
Long term coaches must complete the coach/instructor training online SORC Located on 1st floor of Talley across from the elevators
Access to meeting rooms
Reserve outdoor spaces
Solicitation permits
University web space
Equipment(audio, projectors) Trademark and Licensing Any mark, monument, logo, symbol, nickname, letters, word or deviation that can be associated with NC State
Prior to purchase, submit a trademark use request form to Assistant Director with the proposed design for approval
1-3 day turn around
New Online Submission Club Name Skydiving Club at NC State
Club Skydiving at NC State
Skydiving Club Team
Club Skydiving Team Publicity and Promotion Appeals Process All flyers, paintings, and chalking must be submitted to the Assistant Director for approval
Club name should be witten correctly on all flyers/material
Materials on campus must be posted with tape, push pins, or staples and not deface university property
Chalking must be done on horizontal surfaces that are exposed to rain 1. Written notification from the club representative to the AD indicating the clubs reason for the appeal within 72 hours of the date of the infraction
2. The AD will determine who should hear the appeal
3. Upon hearing the case the person or group will rule on the appeal after investigating the situation and may uphold, reject, or modifiy the action taken by the AD
4. Decisions made are final Club Constitutions Constitutions and by-laws are written to guide an organization in its operations and activities. These documents should be clearly worded, intentionally structured, and kept up-to-date to meet the needs of the student organization
The Constitution
Establishes the broad structure and fundamental principles of an organization
Should be straightforward and comprehensive
Should be difficult to amend
The By-Laws
Outline the rules of procedures for an organization
Should be consistent with the constitution
Tend to be easier to amend than the constitution Review Your Constitution Website Tour All-Girl Cheerleading Advanced Team places 2nd at Nationals Jeff Bumgarner and Will White place 1st at the Northern Regional Tournament hosted at Jordan lake Kevin Beverly and Ben Dziwulski place 4th at the FLW National Championships in Kentucky Clogging placed 2nd in Knoxville, TN at the Clogging Champions of America Showdown Cricket Club wins the MidAtlantic Championship title Dance Team performs at NHL All Star event with Duke and UNC Dance Teams Christina Haire places 6th out of 800 in the balance beam at nationals ACC Hockey League Champions Kody Zagman & Maggie Haas qualify for nationals in May Clemson Shin-Dig Soccer Tournament Champions Martial Arts
Roller Hockey
Rugby (M)
Rugby (W)
Ski & Snowboard
Soccer (M)
Soccer (W)
Table Tennis
Tae Kwon Do
Ultimate (M)
Ultimate (W)
Volleyball (M)
Volleyball (W)
Water Polo
Water Ski/Wakeboard
Wrestling The mission of Club Sports is to provide competitive, recreational and instructional opportunities for the NC State community. We are committed to the development of successful and quality teams with a focus on enhancing the collegiate experience through leadership development, teamwork, sportsmanship, diversity, responsible and ethical conduct, healthy active lifestyles and fun.
The NC State Club Sports program is committed to providing fair and equitable treatment for all club athletes. Misconduct Any behavior subject to disciplinary action
Includes violations of:
Club Sports policy
University Recreation Policy
State of Federal Law
Threatens Safety
Adversely effects the University or its mission Student Legal Provides education, advice, and limited representation
Aimed at helping students resolve legal problems Equipment Clubs are responsible for all equipment owned by University Recreation
Equipment purchased in part/whole with allocated funds is property of NC State University
Check out equipment Mon-Thurs 4:30-9:45, Fri 5:00-8:45 or by appointment Web Sites Clearly show CLUB designation
CLUB must be adjacent, same size, font, and capitalization as the club name
Failure to meet these guidelines and the name format options will result in removal from he Club Sports web page and Student Organizations web page Strongly Agree...
Strongly Disagree...
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