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Go Digital

No description

Generali Biztosító

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Go Digital

Chatting with friends (71%)

Entertainment (47%)

Source of the information (39%)
Discounts and bargains (12%)

„How do Young people (12-20years) use the social media and what should the Generali CEE (or one country) do to either to be „sexy“ to this age group or to become part of their lives?

Do we understand young people?

"Go digital" - project goal
Top Talent Training Program, 22.04.2015, Prague
Go digital
Heatmap of Generali experience
Proposals to develop
Be Entertaining, Innovative & Good customer service
Switching media behaviour
Digital natives
Name: Sesame street Germany
Weekly live Follower: 200.000

Name: Gronkh Or Erik Range
Weekly live Follower: 150.000

Name: Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen
Employees: ~100.000
Annual Salary: 7 Mio each
Follower: ?

Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Or: PewDiePie
Employees: 0
Annual Salary: 7 Mio+
Follower: 30 Mio.

SocialMedia is a business factor
Hidden in a "secret" world
There is a higher revenue volume in App sales than all the premium revenues in CEE
CEE: Insurance premium revenue 2012 :
approx. 3.3 billion Euro

In App Revenues iOS US 2012:
approx. 2 billion US-Dollar

Challenge of the digital world
"Classical solutions“ do not work
What young people do on social media

Best in class approach = social media behaviour

do not use social media for advertising
actively participate every day
conscious use of 7 success factors
- Offer competitions and prizes
- Provide exciting content
- Use games, videos, emotion and humor
Good conversationalist
- React promptly and be authentic
- Be inappropriate but funny
Good customer service
- Solve problems immediately
- Discover new ways to use community & social media
Ceska Pojistovna

Generali HU

Generali SK

Proama PL

Generali GER

Generali ITA
Presence Activity Entertainment Discounts

Play, enjoy and get to know insurance better

2. Insure what you LIKE simply, now, anywhere

3. GENERALI your dragon / hero / soccer player

Focus on games which are intriguing for young people and where we could promote the Generali brand

Establish a microsite and create the online version of G-Life in Czech Republic / Slovakia / Poland / Hungary (Costs: appr. 50.000 €)
Let 0.3 employees foster the volunteers, care about the microsite
success criteria: # of visitors = 1-5% from young people population of each countries
GO/NO GO decision for other countries

We will provide
an enjoyable platform for playing game, sharing feelings and commenting on the other's results
We will offer the users what they want: quick digital answers;
answers of other independent users
whom they trust (or will trust).
We will give
gurus a chance to share their knowledge/opinions
with the wide audience.

Why it will work
What is new

Live virtual financial life with your friends
“First insurance” place

Play, enjoy and get to know insurance better!

Attract people with creating the online version of the G-Life insurance "monopoly"
Create it as a live place for users
not for the communication with the insurance company
Create the place where to look first if you look for information about insurance
(such of interest of the youngsters “My first insurance”)
Help the gurus to be well known for the potential future users of this place.

Proposal of the
next steps
Why it will work
Set up a new insurance product
Set up pricing with the goal of low profit and test the attractivity for users (email campaigns; app), pilot in the selected country where the market with event tickets is enough big
Price of App = max 50.000 € ; Expenses related to the event insurance services and to sale of the first insurance for free to the first 100.000 of customers (less than 100.000 €)
Success criteria = 50.000 of paid insurance contracts
GO/NO GO decision for other countries

What is new

Marketing via games
Move from the real world to the virtual one

GENERALI your dragon / hero / soccer player
… and take real money
Find a new space for marketing
where young people are willing to spend their time
Offer “new game experience” to digital users
with the insurance “behind them” (enable to insure your dragon, soccer player, hero … )

Why it will work
Proposal of the
next steps
Exclusive contract with one real game developer:
Developer includes insurance functionality into the game
Generali offers the game to customers
They want to be the best in the game however a little help/guarantee will be appreciated
The micro transactions are commonly used in games

Penetrate the idea to
if you want to insure something in “Your game world”
Rollout as a pilot in a country with significant no. of young customers (Cost: appr. 20.000 - 50.000 €; success criteria: 5-10% of addressed customer will download the game and no complain related to the offer)
GO/NO GO decision for other countries

Poland market
Facebook page

Czech market
Ceska pojistovna
Stolen bikes campaign

Hungarian market



14 unsecured bikes in the biggest Czech cities. Undercover detectives with a camera watched how long it takes for the bikes to disappear – and how. Thieves took 11 / 14 bikes.
: Use games, videos, emotion and humor
Results: 63,000 unique visitors on the microsite, Czech PR Awards winner, included in Google Creative Sandbox
Use FAIL and WIN videos (assigning each to a Generali insurance type) and let people test whether they know if the fail would come.
Entertaining and Rewarding
Results: 4649 click-through, Hun. Social Media Best Practice Award winner
Best in class - Real cases of Generali CEE
Facebook page for safe driving
: Discover new ways to use community and social media
Young people: Do we know them?
Young people - different world
Best in class: How to be successful

Insure what you LIKE simply, now, anywhere
The digital way of products
What is new

App "Select any tickets / gadgets with value for you and buy guarantee"

On-click insurance for events / gadgets
e.g. insurance cover for not using your festival ticket
Available at any moments (=move from partnership with providers to insurance
offer independent on the provider of events
Navigation and contact to the closest sales place /agents
if you want to insure anything else
First event insurance for free
via this app
High volume of micro transactions
Digital insurance offer in a moment when the users feel the need to be protected
We will insure
"anything" that they are attached to
*TNS AISA “Czech on the internet”
Proposal of the
next steps

Microsite with online version of G-Life game, share your feelings and discuss your insurance needs
Simple and user friendly insurance of any events / any gadgets (direct contract with the customer)
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