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The Blossom Tree

No description

Mr Duke!

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of The Blossom Tree

The Blossom Tree
by Shaan Avril

The Start
Blossom trees explain my life. At first it is a little youth like me. In your youth you are always happy.
A Step Further
As you are a toddler the blossom tree grows. You are still happy and so is the blossom tree young. Now your mother and father would take you out.
The Start Of The Circle
Now the circle is starting. Blossoms are blooming and you are growing.
The Downside
Now the blossom tree is wilting and you get sadder and sadder as the blossoms die.
Now round again
The blossoms die but then grow again you are sad and hen suddenly happier and this process happens again and again and again.
Then you die and so does the blossom tree. I was actually shocked at how similar trees are to humans. Then also they breath.
Then Death
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