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A Marketing Journey in 12 Months

Vocus Consulting Services

Michael Gilby

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of A Marketing Journey in 12 Months

Creative Services

"69% businesses believe in SEO as an effective
tool for customer acquisition"

The challenge is to create content that will get you noticed.

Your Marketing Consultant will create the words and images to amplify your message across all acquisition channels.

Analysis Services
Creative Services
Analysis Services
Strategic Services
Analytic Services
Strategic Services
Strategic Services

"Stories, including testimonials (88%) and case studies (89%), are among the most effective
strategies for engaging clients and prospects"
"80% of your future profits will come from
just 20% of your existing customers"

Customer retention is just as important as acquisition. Timing and targeting are key.

Your Marketing Consultant can review your
Relationship Strategy
to create the ultimate customer experience at every stage in the buying cycle.
Creative Services
"Three out of four companies agree the benefits
of an integrated customer experience include
improved sales

There's nothing like personal, timely and relevant communication to convert a lead into a customer
and a customer into an advocate.

At this point in your marketing programme, your Consultant can help execute
targeted campaigns
that drive your audience to purchasing.

"Google's Hummingbird update has
impacted 90% of search queries"

Good marketers are always on the look-out for ways to improve. Just how successful is your thought leadership content in driving business outcomes?

Your Marketing Consultant will transform your campaigns by providing next-level
content analysis
that will increase your
brand influence.
Creative Services
"50% of the public consider employees
credible sources of information"

Good thought-leadership content will boost visibility and increase loyalty for your brand.

Your Marketing Consultant will plan and produce
valuable content
that solves your customers' problems and drives valuable visitors to your website or blog.

Strategic Services

"Lead generation is the top marketing goal
for 71% of marketers"

As the number of digital channels continues to grow, it becomes harder to get your brand noticed.

Your dedicated Marketing Consultant will help you plan your
Acquisition Tactics
to reach the widest possible audience across every digital channel.
"Unifying different sources of customer data is one of the
biggest barriers to improving customer experience (37%)"

Do you know...
Which of your press releases were most successful?
What blog posts led to the most conversions?

Take the guesswork out of planning and deliver more of the content your customers really care about. Your marketing consultant will analyse trends and provide a practical, data-driven
content analysis
to help you better engage your followers and fans.
Analysis Services
Actively involving your customers in the evolution of your brand will keep them interested. Social isn't a one-way street.

Your Marketing Consultant will help you develop a
Content Strategy
that engages your audience with useful, authentic, interesting content.

“Good content means good business”

Businesses frequently report that time, resources and know-how are the main barriers to effective social engagement.

Marketing Consultants will write, design
and publish content that will engage your community and spark conversations with your brand.
"The probability of selling to a
new prospect is 5 -20%"

After all the hard work in attracting new prospects, how will you measure the impact of your activities?

expert analysis
, your Marketing Consultant will help you increase business intelligence. By starting to build a picture of brand interactions you can make better marketing decisions.
The marketing landscape changes all the time (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc) and trends come and go...

Meanwhile, marketers are more stretched than ever:
for each of the four phases of the marketing cycle

Skills and resources to

A need to
ROI and deliver better outcomes.
What do clients need from a consultant?

Strategic Services
(building on strengths, overcoming weaknesses, achieving objectives, understanding your audience)

Creative Services
(inspiration, best practice, freedom to execute campaigns)

Analytic Services
(measure, report and improve communication)
A bit of background...
The customer
at the heart
of everything
we do

"Companies miss or mishandle up to 80%
of customer engagement opportunities"

At what point and why do you lose a potential sale? Good relationship marketing is built on insight and nurturing the customer experience.

Your Marketing Consultant will demonstrate the impact of your
relationship marketing
and discover the channels that drive conversions.
"86% of consumers want experiences
beyond the product or service"

You've got the insights, you're consistently delivering targeted content but now what do you offer to boost your brand reputation?

Your Marketing Consultant will help you plan your route to
Thought Leadership
, positioning you and your employees as industry experts and ensuring your brand is always top-of-mind.
All business are unique, but all broadly have the same four organisational goals...
the community
customer experience
brand reputation
A partner in marketing greatness
A Marketing Journey
in 12 Months
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