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Oskar Schindler

No description

Emily Page

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler By: Emily Page

Hour: 3rd

Topic: Oskar Schindler

Presentation Date: 3-12-13 Early Schindler Oskar Schindler was born on April 28th, 1908 in Svitavy, Czechoslovakia.
His parents were Hans Schindler and Franziska Luser.
On March 6th, 1928, Schindler married Emilie Pelzl( 1907-2001),who was a pious roman catholic, like Schindler. Svitavy, Czechoslovakia Schindler's Factory Schindler developed skills that led him to becoming a successful businessman, such as being well-liked and persuasive.
After the German occupation in Poland began, Schindler obtained an enamelware factory. He easily got over 1,000 Jewish employees from the nearby Krakow Ghetto.
After seeing a raid on the Krakow Ghetto by German soldiers, Schindler began doing whatever he could to protect the workers in his factory. Schindlerjuden Schindlerjuden, or Schindler's Jews, were given many privileges by Schindler that the Nazis had taken away from most Jews.
Jews under Schindler were able to converse about the Torah, sing religious songs, study the Torah at night, and even pray their daily prayers.
Most of Schindler's Jews lived in the Plaszow labor camp, but Schindler had a separate boarding place for them so the Nazis would know which ones not to harm. Schindler and the Black Market Schindler was a wealthy man before the war started, but during the war, he spent almost all of his money on the black market, buying supplies for his Jews.
Schindler got arrested by the Nazis three times for embezzlement, but was never in jail because he would bribe his way out of trouble. Reflection What I learned from researching Oskar Schindler is that you should always do what is right, no mater what the consequences may be. Oskar Schindler took the risk of being caught by the Nazis with the potential of being sent to the Plaszow concentration camp along with other Jews. Schindler took the risk and did everything in his ability to save his Jews. I learned that this is how people should act towards each other. We should do the right thing for other people no mater what the people around us might think of us. Bibliography "Abwehr." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 03 Apr. 2013. Web. 10 Mar. 2013.

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