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A Little About Mrs. Meadows

Intro to 2015-2016 School Year

Sara Meadows

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of A Little About Mrs. Meadows

My favorite place to eat is

I love to travel around the world...here's a couple of places that I've gone:
I graduated from

My husband's name is Ethan :)
A Little About Mrs. Meadows
THE most important thing about this classroom
We will respect each other!
Here's what you need to know about me :)
North Carolina
My favorite sport to play is
Because I'm so short, I played as a libero.
This is my family...
I am the oldest child and have two little brothers.
We will try OUR BEST!
We are a TEAM!
We celebrate each other's success!
We will learn from our mistakes!
Let's Have a Great School Year
I can't wait to know each of you better!
Now enough about me....
I have a little kitty named Annabelle
I promise my little brothers are younger, even thought they are MUCH taller!
but my parents live in FLORIDA
My favorite team for sure,
but they are a close second
We all used to live in Raleigh, but they just moved to Florida

Homeroom Students
Go to your locker and put everything up except your materials for 2nd Period and 3rd Period. (If you need help, let me know!)
Next, you may go check out a book from our classroom library! Go find a book that looks good to you and make sure to sign it out on our library clipboard!
Head back to your desk and read quietly :)
What is Language Arts all about?
In sixth grade Language Arts, you will:
read and analyze various genres.
understand literary elements.

Most importantly, we are here to learn.

Our time together each day will be spent
learning Language Arts. Please leave everything
else outside of the room!

This year you are expected to read both in and outside of class
You must bring a book to read every day!
You will be participating in the 40 Book Challenge. Throughout the year, you will:
read books from various genres.
keep track of the books you read on a book log.
tell your teacher about what you read.
Your goal is to read 10 books each quarter; 40 books this year! You will be rewarded for completing this challenge.

Articles of the Week
Every other week, students are assigned an article with questions on Monday. The article is always due on Friday.

So what do I do for the Article of the Week?

You should thoroughly read the article, and write comments and notes about what you are thinking as you read. (I will teach you more before your first AOW is due!)
Bring the following
to class everyday:
Agenda with planner card
Pencil/pen and an eraser
Independent Reading and Class Novel
Language Arts Binder

When you come in...
Pick up any assignments from front table and turn in any assignments that are due
Go to your assigned seat
Copy down any homework or reminders that are on our "homework board"
Follow directions at the Front of the classroom
Read your Independent Reading Novel until I give further instructions
In my class, I change seating based on our activities but I will always indicate which seat is yours. I will choose your seats in a way that benefits your learning experience. If you have a problem seeing or hearing, please speak with me at an appropriate time. Where you are seated is otherwise not debatable.

Homework and
Other Assignments
All homework, projects, and other assignments are expected to be handed in on time.
There is no good excuse for missing work!
Each time an assignment is turned in late, your planner card will be signed under the HOMEWORK column.
What is Instagram???
Fun way to share your life with friends through a picture
Users may take pictures of:
What is a hashtag? (#)
Word or phrase that summarizes a thought, feeling, or experience. It is written with no spaces and with a # symbol in front of it.
#goodluckwithyourinstagram #languageartsrocks
#youcanneverhavetoomanyhashtags #hashtagsarethebest

What should my Instagram look like?
What is the purpose of my Instagram?
To tell my teacher and peers about myself.
Hobbies, sports, teams, interests, family, etc.
Now let's check out some of the things
we have going on around our room!
Every other week, we will be doing a vocabulary lesson.
You will be given the new list of words each MONDAY, vocabulary homework will be due THURSDAY, and a vocabulary quiz will be FRIDAY.
As you come in, please go to the front black table (under the bulletin board) and get everything you need for today's class
For the first 10 minutes of class, please fill out the "Reading Survey" page. Once you finish, go find a book from our classroom library that looks interesting to you! Check out the book on the sign-out clip board and begin reading!
Wait for instructions before doing anything else!
My Order:
Spicy Chicken Sandwich (NO PICKLES)
Small Fry
Ice Water
OR (For Breakfast):
Chicken Minis!
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