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Yeah Nah: Youth Civic Engagement

Team Whangarei Entry for Global GovJam 2014 #ggovjam

Spatial Fusion

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Yeah Nah: Youth Civic Engagement

What does it mean in the Government context?
Are we getting the complete picture?
What is wrong with giving a straight answer?
what concerns Govt
When in fact all people see is
Maybe the Govt is trying to confuse us? Scaring us off with technical jargon!
Perhaps we have brought this on ourselves?
Surely you do
But if citizens have
the result is
Perhaps Governments should ask:
Governments can demonstrate that they
by providing a direct and immediate
Drilling Deeper
So why the apathy?
We wanted to find out what would make government processes relevant to people
Problem Definition v1.0
People are simply not aware that they have the ability to participate
People are aware, but they do not understand government processes
People are aware & understand the process, but they are not particularly interested
People are aware, understand, and care about government decisions, but have no confidence that their contribution will make a difference
People are aware, understand, care, have confidence, but have a limited ability to effectively engage in the process
and who are these 'people' anyway?
We decided we should focus our attention on the leaders and change makers of tomorrow
At what point along the process do the proverbial 'wheels fall off' the citizen engagement?
We needed to find out how far young people get through the engagement process before giving up & 'checking out'
We did this by
Asking them
We were really impressed with how willing they were to
their views
Most did not know the name of the Council District they lived in
What did we learn?
Not many were on first name terms with their elected representative
They have some understanding about what councils do ...
some may know even more than they realize ...
Nearly 2/3 did not know how they could talk to the Council
The communication channels preferred by
are not the same as those used by
, they do not trust that the councils will listen to them
but they see there is strength in numbers
The solution?
Step 1
Step 3
Build awareness
Build trust
Build confidence
Step 2
Step 1:
Engage through friends
Step 2:
Gain easy access to information
Step 3:
Actively contribute to decisions
Join up with your friends online
Share your views
Find out more about it
See what others are saying
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