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Brain Drain

No description


on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Brain Drain

Contemporary Brain Drain
by Taylor Hinchliffe

What is
Brain Drain
"Human Capital Flight"
Welcome to Malawi
Meet Dr. Robert Lapyam Ayella, ortho. surgeon
Only Dr. at Mulanje H.
100s of critically ill patients
Malawi has 1 doctor for every 50,000(+?) people
Where are the rest?
Government Invests in Education / Universities
Well educated individuals emerge
Pool of skills in a country diversifies
Increased rate of catalysis of intellectual exchange and innovation
New businesses, research, etc. Progress!!
These individuals strengthen the economy and allow for further improvement of the education system

More on Finance: Physician Salaries...
Senior Orthopedic Surgeon in Malawi
USD (~
THB), possibly less...
Chair of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Texas at Houston Medical School
$1,200,000 USD
$37,536,000 THB
), Salaried
Better education
Increased Access to Technology
Clean Facilities
Manageable Patient Load
1970s Malawi --> Manchester Medical Student Exchange..."doctor poaching" later ensued.
Moral Dilemma...
UK = 1st Western country to take action against brain drain
Agreed to stop actively recruiting doctors from the world's poorest countries
Individual rights to migration/movement vs helping developing countries
ASEAN Economic Community (AEC),
Brain drain: Y/N?

Amount of Russians wanting to leave may have increased 3X since 2007
Up to ~40% of recent college grads are heading west... For reasons such as:
Lack of political support for middle class
Lack of social justice
Poor economic situation
Investors looking overseas for business and for children's education
Less funding for scientific research
Caribbean Brain Drain

Canada sends more money to Haiti than to any other country except Afghanistan -- ~$1b since 2006, but...
The government's immigration policies have attracted thousands and thousands of the brightest Haitians
No signs of changing immigration/recruitment policy, but aid to Haiti was reviewed and temporarily frozen in January 2013
Some ~80%+ of college grads have left Suriname, Guyana, Grenada, Haiti and Jamaica, mostly to the US
Brain drain always bad? Money sent back = 18% of Jamaica's GNP
Haiti and Canada
Reverse Brain Drain
Some highly skilled immigrants now consider returning to countries of origin that are showing increasing rates of development
Developing country start ups: Duke/Yale -> Zambia
Talented individuals ready to gradually grow with a nation
Some stages of development and technological advances may now be bypassed?
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