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Copy of Organization Behavior Case study

No description

Jung Younghan

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Organization Behavior Case study

Lesson in case Question 1 Question 3 Use
the knowledge Description
of the case Corporation
life expectancy Why? [Kodak] [Hyundai] Kodak King of camera Developed digital camera at first But! Fail Revolution Hyundai 1960s very poor conditions Construct many docks Third in the World
in shipbuilding Revolution NO YES Motivate Employee Higher Performance What type of high - performance reward system should Allstate choose to motivate its employees to reach its diversity goals? Flexible
program Insurance Child-care Question 3. For old age Medicare How do they know
what they want ? Feedback Using the model found on page 194, evaluate Allstate’s goal-setting process. How does it work? Questions 1. Flexible
program Jung Younghan Team no. 5 Wonjun Lee
Mareesol Bang
Seunghwan Kim
Boram Kim
Younghan Jung
Junyoung Park Wonjun Lee Mareesol Bang Junyoung Park Boram Kim Question 2 Seunghwan Kim 3. Feedback We list some of the dimensions of an effective goal-setting program. Does Allstate meet these criteria? Question 2. 5 conditions 1. The knowledge and ability 2. Commitment Allstate 5 Conditions 1 2 3 4 5 Feedback Adequate task 3 2 Question 1. Using the model found on page 194, evaluate Allstate's goal-setting process. How does it work? Performance Grapes = Performance Mediator Effort Task Strategy Challenge Difficulty Clarity Difficulty Clarity Effort Task Strategy Achieving a performance is a goal! What is Allstate's goal? Diversity 1 Child-care center Dry cleaning Oil change Reward Satisfaction The primary focus is on the employee's satisfaction Quiz time ! Q. What was the name of of picture that
I showed you at the part of goal clarity? A. Lake Tahoe Knowledge Ability Commitment Good environment Knowledge Ability NO Future
manager Discrimination Development Well-being Allocation Feedback Future
manager 1. To what extent does our
company give service customer 2. Has discrimination in workplace ?
Has good relationship with team leader? Survey 3. Has dissatisfaction in salary, promotion,
well being system ? Important selection in my life Goal of my life 1. Succession Programming 2. Development 3. Measurement 4. Accountability and Reward 1. Succession Programming 1. Succession Programming 2. Development Development! 2. Development Measurement 3. Measurement 3. Measurement Accountability Reward 4. Accountability and Reward Accountability Reward Allstate Personnel Management Thank you!
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