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No description

Jamie LaCava

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Characterization

Watch the following clip.
Take a look at your character trait list. What three words would you choose to describe the character of Scar? Why?
What is
Characterization can be defined as the way the author describes a character's personality to the reader.

It is important to remember characterization deals with personality, not looks (unless the person's looks tell us something about their personality)
How to Characterize:
There are two ways for an author to "characterize" a character.
Think of it like "show" and "tell"
1. Direct Characterization:
The author TELLS you about the character by stating a specific character trait.
2. Indirect Characterization:
The author SHOWS you what the character is like through STEAL (speech, thought, effect on others, actions, and looks)
Direct Characterization
"Once upon a time, in a magical far away kingdom...there was a brave and noble knight, strikingly handsome..."
BRAVE and NOBLE are two words the author is using to describe the knight's personality, so it is an example of direct
Indirect Characterization Examples:
Through Speech
As you watch this clip, pay attention to the words exchanged between Hermione and Ron. What do Hermione's words say about her personality? What does Ron's response say about his personality?
Based on her speech, or words, the audience gets a sense that Hermione's personality is a perfectionist. What character traits do you associate with her?

Based on Ron's words, he seems jealous and annoyed. Can you think of any other character traits to associate with him?
Indirect Characterization Examples:
Through Thoughts:
As you watch, think about what this character's thoughts say about his personality.
The fact that this character continues to go back and forth in his head would show he is indecisive, not easily able to make a decision.
Indirect Characterization
Through Effects on Others
As you watch, think of how the character is affected by Scrooge. What does that tell us about Scrooge's personality?
The character of Mr. Cratchit is clearly surprised by Mr. Scrooge's generosity. His reaction to Scrooge shows the reader that Scrooge is changing and becoming a nice person.
Indirect Characterization Examples:
Through Actions
As you watch, think about what Dennis' actions tell us about his personality.
Dennis giving Mr. Wilson a card says that he is ______________.

Dennis going back into the bathroom to look at Mr. Wilson's dentures says he is ________________________.

Dennis playing with the dentures shows he is ___________________.
Indirect Characterization
Through Looks
What do Carl's looks say about his personality?
For "Looks" characterization, we focus more on body language and expressions, rather than distinguishing beauty.

Carl is hunching over and frowning, which could lead one to believe he is depressed and unhappy.
Watch this clip
Find Justifications for the following statements:
1. Ellie is adventurous
2. Carl is scared.
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