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AP Style Bootcamp :: 2010 Edition

What PR writers need to know about Associated Press style.

Barbara Nixon

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of AP Style Bootcamp :: 2010 Edition

AP Style Bootcamp Why should a PR writer care? Addresses Dates, Months Names, Titles Numbers , Numerals Datelines What's AP Style? A way of writing in a special format
that is used by most newspapers
in the US Do you want your articles published?
Then use AP Style. Simple as that. See p. 184
Capitalize names of all months
Only abbreviate when there's a date, too
Only abbreviate months with six or more letters See pp. 79-80
City name in ALL CAPS
Major US cities need no state listed
Abbreviate states as described on p. 266 See p. 4
Only abbreviate Ave., Blvd. and St. when with a numbered address
Spell out all others (i.e.: Road)
Use figures for house number
Use periods in P.O. Box
Abbreviate states as described on p. 266 Names
See p. 190
Use first & last name on first reference
Use last name only on second reference Also see AP Style Book for
Academic titles (p. 3)
Composition titles (p. 67)
Legislative titles (p. 161)
Military titles (pp. 180-182)
Religious titles (p. 244) Courtesy Titles (Mr., Mrs., etc.)
See p. 74
No courtesy title on first reference
No courtesy title on second reference
Titles (Formal Titles)
See pp. 278-281
Use lowercase unless immediately before name See pp. 201-203
Spell out one through nine
Use digits for 10 and higher
To start a sentence, spell out a number OR rewrite sentence Punctuation! See "A Guide to Punctuation" chapter, pp. 363+
Use standard, American punctuation rules in most cases
Pay special attention to commas (esp. in a series), pp. 366-368 Five Things Created by Barbara B. Nixon
http://publicrelationsmatters.com 2010 Edition Social Media Entire section devoted to social media in 2010 edition
pp 314-319
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