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Left Handed Community

No description

Alicia Gomez

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Left Handed Community

What do you think of when you hear commuinty? a sorority a sports team But you probably didn't think of lefties, did you? a family the homeless ...maybe even cat-ladies perhaps you thougt of... This is because, statiscically, you are most likely right-handed and don't think about your right-brained coherts. 9 out of 10 people are right-handed. If you do the math, only 10% of the population is left-handed. This is a minority! Introduction definitions Before exploring whether or not lefties are disabled, we have to first define what I mean by "disability" and "community." By "disability" I mean having a disadvantage in society. Essentially, I am asking, "do lefties have a disadvantage in society?" By "community" I mean a group of people who
have something in common which allows the
members to identify with each other. When looking at the community of lefties
thier communality is self-evident... everyone is left-handed! language Now that we have established what I mean by "disability" and "community," I think its time to explore what could disadvantage the lefty community. One of the most obvious disadvantages, even though it may not be conciously noted, is the negative implications of the word "left." your home town The word "left" has a negative connotation
in practically every language. Focusing on the English language, the word "left" is equated with "weak" and "worthless." An obsolete definition of "left-handed"
is "crippled" and "defective." The word "sinister", which is another word for "left-handed"
comes from the Greek word "sinus" meaning pocket. This word
did have a sinister (no pun intended) meaning until the Romans
started Greek art of augury. There are numerous cases of negative phrases
that include the phrase "left-handed" in our modern
day. a "left-handed complement" is an insult a "left-handed diagnosis" is an incorrect diagnosis On a side note, the main definition of the word
"right" means correct and thereby carries a positive
connotation. Not at all like the word "left!" Pyschology This negative use of "left" and "left-handed"
creates a stereotype; the lefty community is
percieved as clumsy, ill-mannered, and in
some cases evil. When it comes to the lefty and righty communitites, an ingroup and outgroup are formed. This generates an "us" versus "them" mentality. This psychological process generates animosity between the two groups. It doesn't matter what constitutes your reasons for being in a group, it is the fact that you feel included in a group that genreates the ingroup vs outgroup stereotypes. Because lefties are a minority, it makes it easier for this degrading psychological tendency to be applied. learning disabilities The Classroom work and everyday life One possible reason why lefties are linked to learning disabilities is a theory on the cause of left-handedness. Even though the cause of handedness is unknown, one theory stems off the idea that the two hemispheres of the brain grow at different rates, with the left side maturing faster and establishing dominance. This theory continues to say that stressful conditions in the womb and during birth may damage neurodevelopment, which may cause the right side of the brain to be dominant. Thus making the person left-handed. Because left-handedness is associated with slower development, which is often associated with learning disabilities, it logically follows that learning disabilities should be more common in the lefty community. Dyslexia is a learning disability
which left-handers are
more likely to suffer from. Dylexia is a reading difficulty where an individual
has trouble interpreting a stream of symbols that
make up a word or sentence. In a study of 500 lefties and 900 righties
approximately 12% of lefties reported
learning difficulties such as dyslexia
while only 1% of righties did. Another study showed that up to
11.2% of dyslexics are left-handed
and over 5.8% of dylexics are right-
handed. The main issue with dyslexia is that the person has a great difficulty in learning how to read and spell despite having a normal intelligence and an adequate opportunity to learn. when it comes to learning in the classroom, lefties still have a disadvantage but does this mean the left-handed person has a disability? Let's explore this thought. This got me thinking about the troubles
and discrimination lefties as a community
must face. Bare with me. It's worth it. the sinister spider-man Romans performing augury (prepare yourself to be bombarded with information) Classroom materials usually have a right hand bias. This includes spiral notebooks, birnders, and rulers. Lefties have adapted to the use of righty materials. Lefty desks are few and far between. They are usually placed at the lefthand side of the classroom, which may be a hiderance to a lefty's learning style. Even the English writing style has a right-hand bias because words are written from left to right. But some lefties overcome this disadvantage by writing left to right (like Leonardo DiVinci). here are some photographs of everyday right-biased equiptment and statistics about lefties at work and in life power saw drill press band saw meat slicer Lefties are 25% more likely to have injuries at work and
51% more likely to have injuries using machinery and tools. Lefties are 49% more likely to have injuries at home and
85% more likely to have an injury while driving a vehicle. knife coffee pot vehicle can opener In conclusion, being left-handed is is a disability. The lefty community faces many handicaps in society. With the negative connotations of the word "left," the psychological outgroup, learning disabilities, and obsticles in the classroom, workplace, and home, being left-handed is downright dangerous!
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