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Marina (:

No description

Amy Edwards

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Marina (:

Characters: The main character in this book was Claireece Precious Jones. She was born in Harlem on November 4, 1970. Everyone just calls her Precious. She is an African-American teen who really had a bad life, she couldn't read or write. She was mentally and physically abused by her parents. By: Sapphire Precious About: Marina Quinonez Dad: Carl Kenwood Jones: Is her father. He sexually abused her, it started when at age of three. Setting: She lived in Harlem, New York City Other Characters: Ms.Rain- She is a teacher that helps Precious learn. She is a twelve years old when she had her first child, like i said her name is Mongo. After her child she returned to school when she was sixteen, she still didn't know how to read or write. Her principle sent her to a alternative school Where Ms. Rain helped her how to read and write. Ms. Rain told her students to always write, Precious always wrote poems it helped her improve her reading and writing. Ms. Rain and precious in the the class room. continued: Later on she found out she was having another baby, she knew who the father was. Weeks later her mother found out that Precious was expecting another child. Month's later she had a baby boy, she named him Abdul Jamal Louis Jones which means servant of God. When she returned back home her mother beat her and said harsh things so Precious left her house with Abdul. Plot: She is an 16 year old girl who lives with her abusive mother Mary. Precious has recently fallen pregnant with her second child, the result of her father, who is also the father of Precious' first child. The school has decided to send her to an alternative school because she is pregnant. Ms. Rain's class is a pre- GED for young women who are below 8th grade level in reading and writing. Mom: Mary Lee Johnston: Is her mother she also verbally, mentally, physically and sexually abused Precious who thinks she stolen her man. Precious Jones outside of her school. Also is on the back cover of the book. Mary Lee Johnston, sitting on the chair being a bum. So on.. Theme: The theme of the book was that: If your willing to learn there will always be someone to support you. Even if you have a bad past things will get better. Rita Romero- she is Precious friend who helps her and supports her. After she left her home Ms. Rain took her to a girls home. Later on her mother came and visited her and told her father past away because he was HIV positive and she might have aids, so Precious and her kids all got tested and she was positive for it. Rita was also positive and she took her to a support group. She finally accepted it and she is getting help. Precious did everything for her mother. she made food, cleaned the house, did the laundry. Later on she found out she was pregnant, she was twelve. She got kicked out of school. Her mother strongly punished her (beat her). Precious gave birth on the kitchen floor,her baby girl Mongo was born with down syndrome. Also: So on...
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