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Coral Reef Calcification

No description

Sarah Holmberg

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Coral Reef Calcification

Coral Reef Calcification 2HCO(3-) + Ca(2+) = CaCO(3) + CO(2) + H(2)O This chemical eqaution is already balanced!!! You need to balance chemical
equations so that the law of
conservtion of mass is
perserved true. Products and Reactants:
Carbon On each side of the equation there are:
2 hydrogen
2 carbon
2 calcium
6 oxygen Unfortuneately our coral reefs are being killed.
What is to blame for this horrible act? Rainforest of the sea The Law of Conservation of mass says
that what you put into a chemical
equation on one must come out as the
same on the other side. GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!! When the temperature of the water, in which coral
is living, rises higher than 30 degrees farenheit the
algae in the coral dies. The coral need the algae to live. Without it
the coral does not get the nutrients it needs. Also when the algae dies, the coral loses
it ability to photosynthesize and be colorful. Once losing this algae if
hard it recover if at all. With out algae, coral dies. 60% of all reefs have been destoryed by human activities When the coral dies, the whole
ecosystem suffers/die with it. This affect on coral is called "bleaching" Scientist have been researching the
Red sea. It's coral lives perfectly fine
along with it's fish. The whole eco-system
there is living, even though it's temperature
reaches 34 degrees farenheit. So what is helping
these corals to live, in such a high temperature? Theory:
Maybe the algae has become
heat tolerant.
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