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No description

brianna ficaro

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of choctaw

Before removal
Protect themselves from white harasment
they hunted deer and traded with french and english
Process of removal
Tribe began to publish, newspapers,and translated sounds writen into symbols.
Where they are now
They currently live in poverty
the chocktaws are in peace with the United States (Arconshaw)
Second semenile war was in 1835-1842
signed treaty in1832 federal government provied suitable wested land/ protected until they moved
Before removal
Diet included domesticated pigs, potatoes, and cotton.
they were located in Alabama Florida, and Georgia
The chocktaws frequently wared with Spanish and English colonists
(neigbering Choktaws and Creek tribes)
Process of removal
Removal started in late 1700's, west of the Mississippi.
first to walk trail of tears.
Where they are now
Still the Choktaws keep the same tradions that they used during the early stettlement to this day
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