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Facebook Presentation

International Business

Samantha O'Reilly

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Facebook Presentation

Students and Leone,
Welcome to Week 6!

Market Entry Strategies & Product Decisions for International Markets
Summary of our Case Study
Product Life Cycle
The Product Life Cycle
Market & Country Selection

Market Entry Strategies
Summary & Recommendations
Market & Country Selection
Product Adaptation
- Challenges
- Demands
- Constraints
- Competitors
- Opportunities, and
- Assessments.
- Competitiveness
- Objectives
- Time
- Sales
- Innovation & Technology
- Customer Behaviour
- Dynamic technological markets
- Global Companies
- Collaborative relationships and
gaining local knowledge
- Market Segmentation
- Strategic International Alliances
- Localized information of specific markets
- Users require info best for themselves
- A Facebook Presence, in the local
language and adapted to local cultural requirements
- Ease for Administrators
- New fragmented middle class in emerging
- A market driving approach
- A unique value proposition
- Alter the behaviours of different market actors
- Reconfiguring roles and relationships
- Education of customers
- Offering better incentives and value
Facebook requires market data so we are conducting research surveys of Countries where Face book use is less than 10%: Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Africa, Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, Belarus, India and the Ukraine.

Please answer the following questions from the perspective of your country so that we can create a successful marketing strategy for Facebook with respect to its Global Pages product, which will be report to you by Eamon :)
Celebrity (Country) Heads
Survey Results
Who are the Competitors?
Facebook still struggles to
penetrate China, Russia,
India, Africa,
North Korea and Cuba!
Global pages is the
perfect International
Marketing tool…… right?
So what is the Problem?
- It goes further than language!

- Lack of presence in
the markets
The Solution?
- Allocation of marketing budget to increase awareness and penetrate markets

- Strategic alliances with governments and local firms to gain knowledge of what the consumers want
Cultures are multidimensional
and interdependent!

Elements of Culture:

- Language
- Non-verbal communication
- Religion
- Values and attitudes
- Manners and customs
- Material elements
- Social institutions
- Education
- Ethnicity
- Gender
- Values, and
- Trust issues
High-Context Cultures
- Russia
- China
- Japan
- Indonesia
- South Africa
- Korea
- Cuba
- Cambodia
- India
- Ukraine
Low-Context Cultures
Collectivists, Intuitive & Contemplative
Logical, Linear,
& Action-oriented
- North America
- Western Europe
2 Determining Factors:

- Country attractiveness
- The competitive strength of the company
As well as the Cultural, Legal and Political Environments!
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