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Nymphomania/Sex Addiction

No description

Jerlyne Ong

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Nymphomania/Sex Addiction

What is it?
Also known as hyper-sexuality.
Dysfunctional preoccupation with sexual fantasy; the inability to manage one's sexual behaviour.
Based on behaviours that are destructive; distress and disturbances in normal social functioning, much like other addictions.
May include porn, voyeurism, extramarital affairs, rape, etc…
Psychoanalytic model
Role of attachment styles
Biological Causes
Stimulant-response conditioning, or conditioned emotional response process.
Reduction theory (like homeostasis).
Sexual drive based on our need to reproduce.
Neurological Causes
Neural pathways involved in drug/alcohol addictions are the same as those involved in sex addiction.
Role of neurotransmitters, neurochemicals, neural pathways & certain parts of the brain.
Dopamine, reward centres, endorphins, etc.
Hyper-sexuality & dopamine.
Attachment Styles
Secure vs. insecure attachment
3 types of insecure adult romantic attachment styles:
Preoccupied attachment
Fearful-avoidant attachment
Dismissing-avoidant attachment
On less securely attached people:
Believe they’re less attractive, less likely to be in steady relationship.
Higher chance of infidelity, have more sexual partners.
On Nymphomania
Actual disorder or a social construct?
Women seen as pure, modest, and passionless with regards to sex.
Satyriasis: rare and mild, nymphomania: more common and severe.
Behavioural double standard.
Males having sex = good, "stud", "the man", etc...
Females having sex = "whore"/"ho"/"slut"/I don’t know what other terms exist…
Psychoanalytic Model
Oedipal complex - Peter Trachtenberg
Casanova complex, insecurity of maleness.
Electra complex - Jane Carpincto
Replacement of the mother, union with the symbolic Father figure.
"Black rage" - Grier & Cobbs
Seek outing out of white women by young Black males, cause of violence against Black women by Black males.
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